See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Brave Fencer Musashi. Help for Brave Fencer Musashi on PlayStation. More help, hints and discussion. Introduction Before I start the FAQ / Walkthrough, I need to set a few things straight Brave Fencer Musashiden is an Action/RPG by my favorite game Company. Brave Fencer Musashi Walkthrough Videos (Completed)Total number of 25 videos by newfiebangaa (). Title, Duration, Date. #01 – The.

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Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Still, Lumina’s jump attack is far better. The two pipes sticking out next to where he was have a dran gold coin and a HP-restoring Big Heart on them. Let’s just say, life’s gonna suck for you for a bit.

Vambee Soldiers Try as you might, you can’t seem to be able to defeat these ugly ghouls, so Just keep attacking them to keep them back. The tower fills with light and the door opens, revealing a path to a portal. Pokemon News and updates Keep informed and updated Pokemon Giveaway Our pokemon experts can help you.

The first is fairly lacking in risk, and involves getting all three handles first, and THEN doing the honors of stopping Steamwood from exploding. The lower one not the thorny path you just came from will take you back to the village walkthrouth use it if your HP is low.

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Walkthroughs and guides for Brave Fencer Musashi

Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a room with wooden walkways. Not too tough, actually.


Relic Keeper’s Domain Monsters: This tower is called Spiral Tower. Use the water scroll to walk across the water, and you’ll find a Minku on a ledge on the north wall, and an island in the lower left corner with an OldShirt on it. Strike the statue of the dragon, and you’ll fall into an ice cave.

Upon getting to the spike pit, pick up a Vambee and toss it across on to the switch on the other side to close the pit, allowing passage to the door leading to the end. Ironically, you’re the only one who can break yourself out of the field Once you’ve defeated Kojiro, you’ve rescued the princess!

The town is back to normal, and if you weren’t able to rescue Tim, Hilda’s Grocery is now back in business.

As for the BP restoring bread at the bakery, only buy that if you’re going to a long area, as it spoils after 5 days and becomes basically worthless. This cave is basically the same as the last one, with the exception that water periodically falls between some of the platforms, and if musazhi hit by it, you get damaged.

Also, you should find Leanman in this maze, as well. Anyway, you should win in relatively short order. Instead, jump on an ice block, ride it out into the pit, and jump off to brav ground on the other side when the block gets close enough. Did you catch all 13 Minku?


Braave allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. I don’t remember this room, so just use Sublime to look around and make it to the lower door. Go up to the next floor, and turn 4, 5, and 6 you’ll have to do some jump work with a few of these, but nothing too tough.

Jump up the path, and step through the orange transparent wall-thing. Time your jumps and you should make it easily across. It also has two required mini-games, unfortunately. Enter the door and smash the eye on the pillar to finish this second temple.

It then begins fncer roll down the side of the tower, chasing after Musashi. Once again, kill more enemies to acquire more Dran.

However, you can jump up the sides of the walls to the areas above here, so do just that on the right side. Get the LongTube from the chest, and go into the next room. The dragon only has three attacks: If Guard Lumpwood was here, he’d let you through; too bad he’s also missing Anyway, back in town, pay a visit to Wid at night and he’ll give you the key and a valuable bit of information.