Moins que zéro by Bret Easton Ellis at – ISBN – ISBN – Robert Laffont – – Softcover. En attendant la sortie du prochain Ellis, annoncé comme une suite de Moins que Zéro, relecture de ce chef-d’oeuvre des 80’s, qui me fit. Il ne reste plus que 6 exemplaire(s) en stock (d’autres exemplaires sont en . Cet article:Less Than Zero par Bret Easton Ellis Broché EUR 10,89 . Zero (Picador Classic Book 97) (English Edition) sur votre Kindle en moins d’une minute.

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I admit, it’s probably hard to capture the mood of the novel, but when the focus is shifted to something entirely different and everything that made the novel into what it is has been taken away, it creates something else. The story follows clay on his coke-dusted, alcohol fueled adventures on his Christmas break from university.

Even my short review feels lifeless as I fllis and that is because Less Than Zero has accomplished what it was meant to do. Because the author came across as really shallow and silly during his fifteen minutes of fame.

It’s less painful if I don’t care. Bright Lights, Big City.

It’s drinking and doing drugs and sleeping around. The stars are for the writing and the fact that the book accomplishes what it sets out to do. With a few missteps towards the end — I found the whole thing with the friend and the pimp maudlin, silly, and totally off pitch from the rest of the novel — everything is presented in a flat, deadpan way that makes it both so horrific and yet comprehensible.

Set in nineteen-eighties Los Angeles, the story follows eighteen-year-old Clay, returned home for Christmas from college in New Hampshire. Bret Easton Ellis dal canto suo scopre la scrittura minimalista o per meglio dire la scrittura di sottrazione. But she too is as vacuous as anyone else in the novel.

Less than Zero is a short, snappy novel about LA. And incidentally, even though the movie based on this novel was torpid and timid, half-hearted and half-baked, there’s a genuinely terrifying and heartbreaking movie called ALPHA DOG based on actual events which nails everything this story is trying to say.


I think that this book has influenced a lot of contemporary fiction. It epitomizes LA, and all its seedy shortcomings. She stops at my house and the gate’s open and I get out of the car, surprised to feel how dry and hot it is.

Clay can’t believe so many people are just standing there not caring, and his night only gets worse and more shocking from there. I mean, they are and they aren’t, you know? They write pointless sex. Kon ik niet stoppen met lezen en ik had het boek zo uit. We are narrated by 18 year Clay, returning home to Los Angeles for summer’s break during the early 80’s.

American Psycho is a novel that is a force, and I doubt there are that many people who feel indifferent about it. Same existential horror; less humor. But it’s also confusing, disturbing and makes you think about people in general.

This book is steeped in melancholy and nihilism, which I typically enjoy, but the format zerro emotionlessness of this often made it difficult to read, so it took me over a month to complete.

If I care about things, it’ll just be worse, it’ll just be another thing to worry about.

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This is the dark heart of the American Dream, where everyone has everything, but happiness is elusive. It might be the desire to understand how people can be eawton passive in their life and you keep searching for reasons and clues why that could have happened.

Maybe because I could relate to certain parts of Carrie. Other books in the series. The truth behind whitewashed persona we try to hold up in front us is exposed in this particular “protagonist? He breaks down and cries while at the therapist’s.

Not the stain on the arm of the wrinkled, damp shirt I wear, a shirt which looked fresh and clean this morning. La serie televisiva True Detective infatti, piaccia o meno non ha importanza, racconta della vita dei diseredati di quel territorio, dei barboni e dei disperati, scoperchiando un mondo al quale nessuno aveva dato voce.

I put the card down and notice that it’s beginning to get really cold in my room. No one bothers to call the cops because ultimately it doesn’t matter. These spoilt teenagers brought up on a diet of MTV and computer games have been starved of love and emotional security, the result being that their lives are superficial and unrewarding.


About years ago I listened to a lot of interviews with poets and novelists who spoke with Michael Silverblatt, Robert Birnbaum, Edward Champion, Christopher Lydon, on NPR and elsewhere, in the vain hope they might have something to say about the world we live in outside their books.

View all 9 comments. I don’t know why I always feel like describing Bret Easton Ellis books as “charming”. I think I do. But what an intimately revealing, tender portrayal of youth. It’s the promotional poster for an old Elvis Eellis record.

Bret Easton Ellis

The characters are shallow; their friendships are shallow; their lives are shallow. It means to sicken, and it does.

Per raccontare un libro di Bret Easton Ellis occorre come prima cosa allontanarsene e parlare della California e del cosiddetto sogno californiano. Does that any make sense? Not the tear on the neck of my gray argyle vest, which seems vaguely more eastern than before, especially next to Blair’s clean tight jeans and her pale-blue T-shirt. And yet I cannot seem to stop, moijs whenever I have to, I become very anxious to return to it as quickly as I can.

I take my shoes off and lie on the bed and feel my brow to see if I have a fever. You don’t read this book for fun. Granted, the protagonists are sharply different. Ik vond dat wel bijzonder om dat hij de kamer op dezelfde manier beschreef maar compleet ander gevoel er bij had.

I stand there for a pretty long time and Blair, after helping me lift the suitcases out of the trunk, ewston at me and asks, “What’s wrong? Tutte le volte che capita di….