for the use of the Brunel Mood Scale (BRUMS) in the SA context. A M Lane; unpublished User Guide for the Brunel Mood Scale . screening questionnaire. This assessment is based on the Brunel Mood Scale (BRUMS) that was developed to provide a quick assessment of mood states among adolescent and adult. The item Brunel Mood Scale (BRUMS: Terry et al., ; ) has the questionnaire from Malay versions to English (back-translation).

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Validity of the Brunel Mood Scale for use With Malaysian Athletes

Emotions are typically sca,e as more intense, quicker to rise and shorter-lived than moods, and associated with more identifiable sources than mood. Validation of the Brunel Mood Scale for cardiac rehabilitation program.

We hypothesized that the adapted BRUMS [10] factorial structure and the reliability indices will reflect that of the original version. The Profile of Mood States and athletic performance: From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. They were told that they would respond a series of adjectives describing their present moods.

Mood and human performance: Item 13 Anxious had omod loading above 1. Oxford University Press; Schinke R. The Bookmark will be sent with the above message.

Validity of the Brunel Mood Scale for use With Malaysian Athletes.

With this purpose in mind, Terry et al. This is a descriptive cross-sectional study with non-probability sampling Sample size calculation was not conducted before sampling. Construct validity of the Profile of Mood States – Adolescents for use scwle adults.


Subsequent studies have demonstrated that scores on the POMS are; a predictive of performance Beedie et al. Rev Psiq Clin ; We suggest that grunel and practitioners alike use the independent subscales, even though, as in the case of the present study, they can be strongly interrelated.

Conventional criteria versus new alternatives.

Mood changes following exercise. Development of a conceptual model with a focus on depression. They reasoned that anger was used by athletes as a questiionnaire up mechanism prior to competition to boost their confidence levels.

It is a item questionnaire of simple mood descriptors such as angry, nervous, unhappy, and energetic.

Brunel Mood Scale (BRUMS): an instrument for early detection of overtraining syndrome

Significant correlation coefficients were reported for each relationship tested. Such research efforts can be informative in assessing the need for group-specific tables of normative data or whether the preliminary norms from the present study are equally relevant beyond the world of sport and exercise. Brunel Mood Scale; Factorial validity; Adolescent athletes.

In light of this finding, we performed further analysis involving 6-factor and 7-factor models with item 24 removed. This representation of their feelings might be accurate, but it is possible that an individual will recognize that reporting to feel depressed is not consistent with a cultural norm that advocates feeling high scores for pleasant emotions such as excitement i.

Data were estimated using the Satorra-Bentler maximum likelihood estimation method. Two key areas are important here; the first is the extent to which people have accurate insights grunel how they are feeling. Guildford Press Petrides K.


Validity of the Brunel Mood Scale for use With Malaysian Athletes. – Semantic Scholar

Demonstration of validity is a fundamental part of science. ITAMS assessments could also be used to gauge the effectiveness of mood regulation interventions Lane et al. Cross-cultural adaptation of health-related quality of life measures: What is the purpose of In the Mood? It should be noted that Terry et al. The POMS, initially developed to assess mood in clinical populations and subsequently in college populations, was later claimed to be also valid for use in sport and exercise settings McNair et al.

We suggest that this be extended to examining the nature of emotions in different questionnairs and the research questionnxire begin with examining validity issues as validity is such an important aspect of the scientific process. Mood and human performance: Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 4 Given the potential contribution of a psychometrically sound instrument, this study sought to investigate the psychometric properties of the adapted version of BRUMS [10], particularly its factorial validity and internal consistency.

We suggest that the results provide some support for validity of the BRUMS for use with different populations, which are physically active and apparently healthy. Revised Manual for the Profile of Mood States. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health, 9, The psychology of mood and mood regulation.