Butthurt Report Template. Caption this Meme All Meme Templates. Template ID: Imgflip Pro GIF Maker Meme Generator Blank Meme Templates Pie. PLEASE TELL US MORE ABOUT THE INCIDENT OF BUTTHURT. Someone made a blog post that I didn’t agree with. Someone posted a cartoon or drawing. What emotions were running through your head upon butthurt? I am annoyed by the inconsistent gaps in this form because I aim an autistic retard. Everyone.

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Butthurt Report Template

Jailing Americans becomes a profitable business. I don’t really understand what the hell really happened I couldn’t argue with logic I was reminded of the channel rules The mod wouldn’t trust me without reading a couple of the rules I was bounced for having an ass crack pic on my profile I didn’t want to talk about the topic and they wouldn’t change it My picture wasn’t approved right away No one said hello back unitl I said hello a second time.

Students began asking questions. In the end, however, the butthurt form brings up perhaps the best bet to resolving any rudeness you may encounter while online in Arizona. All of the above. If you have a legitimate issue, use this form.

Yes No Yes, I am going to sue!


Advertisement – story continues below. I was blocked and I didn’t do anything wrong! Anonymous reveals links between US and British white supremacists. This page was inspired by the pic below and Zello users.

HB “would apply to the Internet as a whole, thus criminalizing all manner of writing, cartoons and other protected material the state finds offensive or annoying,” Media Coalition writes, so for the sake of a free and open Internet, other advocates have already aligned against the act and have asked Governor Brewer to toss the bill out. Yes No Yes, I am going to sue for lost wages!

I know the real Anonymous who will have them hacked and stalked and their computer wiped clean and they’ll lose their job and cease to exist in any datebase at all. Sheriff Arpaio requests help in investigating Obama’s birth certificate. Should that be the case, though, an unofficial Anonymous Twitter account has you covered.

Ring of Fire – Officiall Butt Hurt Report Form

Anonymous fights Arizona censorship bill with “butthurt form”. He should have given these delicate snugglebunnies a lesson on Free Speech and the real world. I wish I could punch them in the face and spit in their cornflakes! I whined and complained in other channels and in private with all my Zello contacts. The students were led into a board room.

Butthurt Report Form (rev. 4.2)

Frm were still weepy and panicky, the Emory Wheel reports. They and everyone in ROF deserve to be rounded up and herded into concentration camps. Peraza — apparently the most vocal of these delicate flowers, asked the group of students: They bitthurt be lined up in front of a firing squad!


Read RT Privacy policy to find out more. Students at Emory University in Atlanta chanted, marched and protested over something so slightso innocuous and so protected by the First Amendment it will make your toes curl.

If House Bill passes, online harassment could become a criminal offense — but some hacktivists are there to help you rejoice. I’m never going trust anyone ever again!

Anonymous fights Arizona censorship bill with ‘butthurt form’ — RT USA News

How is that something Emory supports? Did you miss work or arrive late to work because of the butthurt? We have nothing to lose but our chains! I realized that arguing on Zello or the Internet is usually pointless and found something else to do with my fform.

Thanks for the broken promises!

The signs appeared in several places on campus overnight. This incident happened Monday. There should be laws to punish people like that.