Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 5 by Silvanus P. Thompson. Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P. Thompson. No cover available. Calculus Made Easy is a book on calculus originally published in by Silvanus P. Thompson, considered a classic and elegant introduction to the subject. New York, N.Y. The original edition of Calculus Made Easy was written by Silvanus P. Thompson and published in , with subsequent editions in.

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I have skipped the exercises.

Calculus Made Easy – Wikipedia

Feb 13, Ethan Hulbert rated it it was amazing Shelves: This cuts to the bone and is well written. Books by Silvanus Phillips Thompson. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. If you want to learn calc, or need a refresher, this book is indispensable.

It would’ve made it the book better if it had a chapter on Limits as well. Jan 12, Ellen Kock rated it it was amazing. The sections by Mr Gardner are good but not as lucid as those of the original. Silvanus P ThompsonMartin Gardner. I myself learned calculus in much the same way as it is presented in this book, only a century later.

Oct 15, Arun Mahendrakar rated it really liked it. Thompson is one of the individuals represented on the Engineers Walk in Bristol, England.

This article about a mathematical publication is a stub. The original text continues to be available as of from Macmillan and Co. Aug 30, Arnaud Wolff rated it really liked it. It is difficult rating a text book. Presented the concepts quite simply and readably. How making that jump from learning trigonometry and algebra to learning calculus is a profound experience. I studied calculus at school, and used it occasionally at university, but I’ve not needed it since so this was a trip down memory lane.

Jun 27, Chai Zheng Xin rated it liked it. The author provides some examples practicing which gets the concepts ingrained in the readers’ mind. The simplicity that they had mangled has all been straightened out under the compassionate and clear pen of Sylvanus P.


If Thompson had wanted to bother with limits and epsilon-delta stuff he would have, so why drag that into the book? He lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Nice book, often funny, and the concepts are explained very clearly. Calculus Made Easy Author s: However, if you want an exhaustive reference book or a textbook suitable for college level engineering or mathematics, there are better books out there because this book lacks rigour and does not dive into deeper, more advanced topics and applications of calculus.

Revision of a classic primer made more accessible by one of the twentieth century’s greatest mathematicians and thinkers. One thing I enjoyed about working my way through this book was that the exercises given at the end of the chapters was exceedingly difficult. If you have any interest in math or are going to be forced into taking Calculus Calculus Made Easy will make the topic enjoyable or at least understandable.

Silvanus Thompson did an amazing job with explaining a possibly complicated subject with great detail and made each point crystal clear. Hence I picked up this book.

Thompson’s little book is the best that I’ve seen, yet. I guess it’s understandable that Gardner wanted to do more than just change the wording given that his name is all over the cover, but he has not improved the book as far as I am concerned.

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So highly recommended to a bright high-schooler or baffled undergrad, ideally to be followed by A Primer of Infinitesimal Analysisif you can convince people that you don’t need the standard analysis curriculum. The book is out of copyright and available in project Gutenberg.

Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P. Thompson

Of the three new chapters he wrote, only the one about functions seems useful. Martin’s Press first published What one fool can do, another can. Its available for free with Project Gutenberg. He was known for his work as an electrical engineer and as an author. There are so many things I wish had been done to illuminate the subject more thoroughly, but perhaps one day I’ll have to write it myself.


But the book explains lot of things in simple and elegant way. These points also help you know how the definitions or the problems. I know I didn’t. To be fair to Thompson, though, the simplicity comes in part from using infinitesimals rather than limits, and the logical basis for infinitesimals wouldn’t achieve rigor until non-standard analysis circaor smooth infinitesimal analysis circa The book has real simple language and of course since this a book about an advanced concept, the reader is expected to have some background in Mathematics.

This book was written for school kids back in and contains very simple explanations with a little bit of dry humor thrown in. I learned calc in high school and hated it. Jun 08, Wm Pope rated it it was amazing.

Calculus Made Easy : Silvanus P. Thompson : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. May 14, Logan Kennedy rated it it was amazing.

The author does indeed present the subj Silvahus was a book that I skimmed through, rather than thoroughly digested, not least because much of each chapter consists of worked examples and exercises which I didn’t attempt. The author acknowledges that the language of calculus is obtuse and pokes some fun at the mathematicians that came up with.