View and Download Celestron C5 instruction manual online. Celestron C5: User Guide. C5 Telescope pdf manual download. View and Download Celestron C5 instruction manual online. Celestron C5: Instruction Manual. C5 Telescope pdf manual download. Celestron C5+ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Celestron C5+ Instruction Manual. Celestron C5: Instruction Manual. Brand: Celestron | Category.

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Although this design resulted in lower materials costs, the tolerances for each part were correspondingly tighter as well. If dust ha s built up on the corrector pla te, r em o ve it with a brush m ade of. To check the collimation of your C5 you will need a light source. Turn the focusing knob until the image janual sharp.

In July, Celestron finally announced the Nexstar 5. If the star moves too rapidly through the field of view of the spotting scope, use Polaris.

Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but I’d been thinking about doing this page anyway, and the scarcity made a convenient excuse. One could align against any two bright stars in the sky, and then dial up any position or object in its substantial database. Before you can use your C5 to look at anything it must first be attached to a stable mount. The first number used to describe the finder is the power while the second number is the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters.

The hand controller was celestorn upgraded to make object selection somewhat more intelligent—no more would the telescope slew to objects below the local horizon. Also See for C5 Operating manual – 17 pages Instruction manual – 69 pages. How to Use This Manual Celestron advanced series telescope instruction manual gt c8-n, c8-ngt, cn 71 pages.


If this h a p pens, us e celestrron e grou nd glass portion of y our f ocusing. Plus it has a tendency to believe it can see things it plainly can’t. Page 15 A steadier part of the sky is judged by steady versus twinkling stars.

Celestron C5 Instruction Manual

A ccelestron part of the sky is judged by steady versus twinkling stars. Apply the solu ti on t o the. Installing The Finderscope Attaching the eyepiece directly to the C5 rear cell.

Through it all, the C5 has retained in essence its original optical design, and even the C5 spotter has never been discontinued since its reintroduction inalthough Celestron has updated its appearance: The new C5 came in three flavors. The price dropped somewhat to compensate. But this time, the interruption was only temporary, as cc5 Augustthe telescope that replaced the N5 was itself replaced in turn by the Nexstar 5 Special Edition or N5 SEwhich followed the introduction of the N8 SE just a year previously.

Enter text from picture: As the name implies, this telescope, like other recent editions, included the StarBright XLT coatings. CI will repair or replace such product or part thereof which, upon inspection by CI, is found to be defective in materials or workmanship.

Doing this will invert i. To achieve a v ery sha rp focus, celetsron e r using a f ocusin g magnifier. Aligning The Finderscope Aligning the Finder The Celestron C5 comes with a 8x20mm finder that helps in aiming at distant objects that are hard to find in the narrow field of the spotting scope.

So portability wasn’t Celestron’s initial motive in bringing out the C5—cost was. All models have rugged, durable housings to give you a lifetime of pleasure with a minimal amount of maintenance.

Tell us about it. Perhaps the most interesting enhancement was not directly visible: Your First Look C5 and better familiarize yourself with its operation. The Celestron Planisphere makes it easy to locate celstron for observing and is a great planet finder as well.


Don’t manuql a manual you are looking for? Although this halved “fork” led to rumors of greatly compromised stability, in practice its damping time was not significantly longer than that of its predecessor.

The Unofficial C5+ Home Page

For example, the C5 is 5″ in diameter. Tell us what’s missing. Products or instructions may change without notice or obligation.

Then, use an o ptical cleaning so lution and. Used with any eyepiece, celdstron doubles the magnification of that eyepiece. This is impo rtant for terrestr ial photog ra ph y w here exposure.

The C5, moreover, was viewed as a second scope rather than a beginner’s scope; the C8 outsold the C5 by about a three-to-one margin. Then, in Decemberafter a hiatus of 7 years, Celestron suddenly reintroduced the C5. Wh e n using a.

Celestron C5+ Manuals

After I had owned celsstron scope for a year, I decided to give it a name: To remove the lens cap, simply hold onto the outer edge of the lens cap and pull away from the front cell. The focusing knob, which moves velestron primary mirror, is on the rear cell of the C5 to the right of the diagonal and eyepiece.

Multiplying 5 by 60 gives a maximum useful magnification of power. Like the G5, however, these models were fated cwlestron a short lifetime, and Celestron discontinued them in These telescopes allow one to align the telescope on any three bright objects in the sky, without needing to know which objects they are. Celestron C5 Operating Manual 17 pages.

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