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The following commands would enable this process: You could also set the default costs to values that are close to achieve better load balancing. You should not execute the passive-interface command.

Since a loopback interface cannot go down, it provides the advantage of keeping a route in the tables even certmiller the physical interface that services the route goes down. To limit syslog messages sent to the router’s history table and to an SNMP network management station based on severity, use the logging history command in global configuration mode.

The weight attribute for all three routes is the same.

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This address is a link-local address as it has the prefix FE As stated in the scenario, all three routes were locally originated with the network command during BGP configuration. The other options are either using incorrect syntax or being executed at an incorrect prompt. OSPF certkilper its stub status on or off in its hello packets.

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Integer in the range of 0 to is accepted, but the port number must be number higher than BGP then checks whether any of the routes were locally originated using either the network or aggregate commands. The correct syntax for the area stub command is shown below: Which two events will occur following link failure between R2 and R3?

You should not use the The benefit of using CHAP authentication is that the remote device’s password is never. Link-local addresses can be configured for an interface either automatically or manually.

The remote device sends the. Which two actions can you take to provide enhanced logging results? Without a previously installed client, remote users enter the IP address in their. certkikler


After a recent DoS attack on a network, senior management asks you to implement better logging functionality on all IOS-based devices. Which action should the administrator take before troubleshooting the IPsec configuration? B The only path is entered in the routing table as a result of the unequal load balancing configured on the routers: Follow us on Twitter.


R3 will not accept any further updates from R2, due to the split-horizon loop prevention mechanism. You have configured this router to perform mutual redistribution between the two protocols.

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The default is Some routing protocols require that a metric be provided for the redistributed routing protocol or route redistribution will not occur successfully. After doing this, the user is able to access company shares. Even though another option area 1 default 25 is a configurable abbreviation for the command, the 300101 correct answer explicitly specifies the default-cost parameter.

Loopback interfaces are of no help in solving the redistribution problem.

By configuring one with a lower cost than the other, it will become the preferred exit point. F addresses for ceertkiller interfaces. Which command should be executed on all ABRs in an area to configure it as a totally stubby area? You are the network administrator for a large software organization.