You can also get as deep into the details of networking as you like; see in particular the CFNetwork Programming Guide. Apple provides a generous amount of. Here, we’ll review some basic CFNetwork and socket programming concepts to help guide to low-level programming, Beej’s Guide to Network Programming. Conference Companion on Object Oriented Programming Systems Languages andApplications (OOPSLA ’09) (pp. to CFNetwork programming guide.

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So if you set it to your function myRetainas in the code above, CFStream will call myRetain myPtr to retain the info pointer. In this guideyou are presented with practical approaches and techniques to program robot sensors, motors, and translate your ideas into tasks a robot can execute autonomously.

Using Fragment Arguments Chapter Locations and Play Services Chapter CFNetwork is a framework in the Core Services framework that provides a library of abstractions for network protocols. However, if you need to use the proxy settings often for multiple streams, it becomes a bit more complicated. The code would be similar to that in Listing CFNetwork is a low-level, high-performance framework that gives you the ability to have cfnettwork control over the protocol stack.

Using Network Diagnostics describes how to add network diagnostics to your application. Taking Pictures with Intents Chapter Therefore, it is highly recommended that your code use alternate methods to prevent blocking. In OS X v This book is intended for developers who want to use network protocols in gkide applications.

In general, polling a network stream is inadvisable. Your input helps improve our developer documentation.

This message is then serialized, a process that converts the message into a raw byte stream. Updated for iOS 10, Swift 3 and Xcode 8, this book will lead you through the essential concepts, techniques and tools for developing iOS applications.


Release the current proxy dictionary and reload it with the new proxy settings. Please try submitting your feedback later.

I need some tutorials about CFNetwork in iphone – Stack Overflow

A stream property is any information about the stream, such as its source or destination, that is not part of the actual data being read or written. It will serve you for as long as you write or maintain OpenGL code. In addition, the Web Kit is a set of Cocoa classes to display web content in windows.

See Listing for an example of how to do this. Please try submitting your feedback later.

The retain parameter is a pointer to a function to retain the info parameter. Thank you for providing feedback! Using a run loop — Register to receive stream-related events and schedule the stream on a run loop. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Updated: It waits for events to occur, then calls whatever function is associated with a given event. If your stream was a read stream called readStreamyour function call would be like that in Listing Start programming robots NOW!

Terms of Use Privacy Policy Updated: To learn more about run loops in general, read Threading Programming Guide.

To avoid trying to read from or write to a stream when the stream would block, use the asynchronous version of the functions and schedule the stream on a run loop.

Custom Views and Touch Events Chapter The Toolbar Chapter This allows you to not have to poll your socket stream, which would slow down the thread. Similarly, the release parameter, myReleaseis a pointer to a function to release the info parameter. Your First Android Application Chapter 2. Sockets are the most basic level of network communications. If you set the retain and release parameters to NULLthen the system will expect you to keep the memory pointed to by the info pointer alive until the stream itself is destroyed.


The domain code indicates how the error code should be interpreted. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Updated: How can we improve this document?

CFNetwork Programming Guide

Read and write streams provide an easy way to exchange data to and from a variety of media in a device-independent way. Core Guice streams can be used for reading or writing files or working with network sockets. Before opening the socket read stream, create a context that will be used when you register to receive stream-related events:.

To understand the CFNetwork framework, you need to be familiar with the building blocks that guied it.

The last parameter, NULLindicates that the caller does not want to create a write stream. The server responds, sending back a string followed by a message. Unit Testing and Audio Playback Chapter CFReadStreamSetClient requires that you specify the callback function and the events you want to receive. This is run when initializing your prkgramming.

Streams are one-way paths, so to communicate bidirectionally an input read stream and output write stream are necessary. To poll a stream, you first check to see if the streams are ready for reading or writing, porgramming perform a read or write operation on the stream.