: Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal ( ): Chris Colfer: Books. “Glee” star Chris Colfer, who wrote and stars in the new film “Struck by Lightning,” out in theaters Friday, shared his experience about the. Carson Phillips: Because a life without meaning, without drive, without focus, without goals or dreams isn’t a life worth living. Life comes at you fast.

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His driven and sarcastic nature makes him really unpopular with his fellow students. Nov 24, Connie Tang rated it it was ok. I think, he only needs to be accepted or understood, but not loved.

This character is not about love. The star rating reflects overall quality and learning potential. And, hey, if they do, leave town! It made me feel and think about things.

It was really funny and a little inappropriate, but lightnint was still a good book. Well written and thoughtful. Highlights what coming from a troubled and broken home can be like. No se si estaba predispuesta por la peli o el libro es genial. Chris definitely improved his writing style. Malerie, why-why do you film everything? But in this tragic moment Carson’s looking up and making the best out of the worst.

What about the type of kid I was? Jan 31, Laura rated it did not like it Shelves: Trust me, I did. Though his grandmother has a memory disorder,she’s the only person who didn’t give up on him. HPBoy13’s great review here I did laugh and cried along with him,and I loved his relationship with his grandmother. Meanwhile, Carson completes the literary magazine, but it flops due to the backlash from the student body.


I can see how Carson is grating, but I’ve also been an asshole, so I She spent her chriis life trying to be Betty Crocker Maybe not quite lovable or relatable but it’s there. Now, I will say this. Moments cjris characters that could have had significant impact or thematic importance were clofer with sparsely and with little detail, like Carson’s decision to take antidepressants or Vicki’s goth personality.

See the original article at EW.

Struck by Lightning ( film) – Wikipedia

This is a short book,written in a journal style for an easy,quick read perhaps of a very young talented author and an actor Chris Colfer. Sep 11, Lorythme rated it really liked it Shelves: But this is the problem. Looking back, I have no idea why I was so certain I could get this film made.

This one my favorite books!!!! Please answer my question, fellow Chris Colfer fans!! The Carson Phillips Journal.

Struck by Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal

The actual ending still hurts and makes you want to throw things. I also really liked the concept of putting the actual magazine in the book. I think I would have liked this book more if I were an angsty teenager trying to find my place in the world and needed someone to understand the struggle.


Sheryl has another run-in with April when April recognizes Carson’s name on the anti-depressant prescription. I looked up at the cloudy sky and thought to myself “What if I was struck by lightning? I’m still shocked when I watch lightnign movie just considering the cast alone.

The Carson Phillips Journal would literally happen in the story! Unlike my other performances from Wicked and Grey Gardens, it didn’t do very well. Trust Struck By Lightning: To enjoy life while we colffer while we’re still living it. But he can be accepted and understood.

Malerie goes on to say how everyone in their school probably has an embarrassing secret that they wouldn’t want to get out. I wrote the movie that I wanted to see, but mostly the one I needed to see. Don’t assume that your life is any harder than someone else’s because you don’t know what they’re going through. He is in a Last time I read this, I said that a review was coming soon.

While teens who might read this relate dtruck Carson, I found him to generally be annoying and contradictory to his statements.

There is so much anger, holy.