Master Chu Shong Tin was born in in the Kwong-tung Province of Mainland China. In November , he left China and settled in Hong Kong. During. This is Master Chu Song Tin’s last book. It comes in two volumes, and this is the first (published in ). The second was published in The book covers. Great Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin (Sigung Chu) was a closed door student of the legendary Yip Man who took Wing Chun Kung Fu to Hong Kong in

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It helps one bring forth chi flow into every part of the body.

Chu Shong-tin

The then Master Ip and I had the same background — coming to Hong Kong alone at nearly the same time. It stabilizes all Ving Tsun movements to form a springy and dynamic combination of body structures.

Ip was both solemn and humorous — characteristics admired by me. Springan outing of Grandmaster Ip Man with his students.

Most of the time he was humorous and often told jokes with a youthful heart. In later years Ip planned to retire, freeing himself from laborious routines. These three techniques take the shape of arcs or bows. Sigung Chu had been observing Yip Man’s classes for a few months before becoming his student on January 1, The Alumni, established in form of a limited company, is a hin organization jointly-run by the Grandmaster’s senior students.

The story started from the end of Sigung Chu remembers Sifu Jim as a smart, dedicated student whose skill improved rapidly.

Since I followed Grandmaster Ip as a disciple, I have been influenced by him in various aspects. Syong did have a habit, though, the habit that I mostly hesitated to accompany him to enjoy: Once Ip asked a disciple a worker of the Union at that time to buy some fresh-cut tobacco for him.


Wing Chun United – Chu Shong Tin – The Hidden Power Of Siu Nim Tao

From then on I lived together with Ip for as long as five years. None of his students, including those who had followed him most closely in the past decades, dared to say he or she had grasped any depth or breadth. During his additional leisure time, he was fond of playing mahjong TN: Since I followed Grandmaster Ip as a disciple, Xhong have been influenced by him in various aspects.

Use the mind to command each technique rather than using muscle tension. I then began to wonder about the essence of the form, besides the hand movements. Once Ip asked a disciple a worker of the Union at that time to buy some fresh-cut tobacco shonh him.

Ip is of high virtues yet humorous, fond of using banter sentences and apt allusions, bringing knowing smiles as well as bursting laughter to many who could not sohng their appreciation.

Discover the subtle circular movements in each of them. He later went on to become famous as the ‘King of Cgu Nim Tao’, the all-important foundation of the entire Wing Chun system. Original Article Chh by: Ip was optimistic with a youthful heart. It is shaped like a duck. Gradually he sparked my interest in the art. There we sat down to rest for about half an hour before returning.

However, without training, it is very difficult to focus thoughts. Although I liked exercising — for enhancing bodily strength and health — I was not particularly fond of martial arts.

My Teacher, Ip Man

He was of high caliber in martial arts, yet remained humble, always radiating the glamour of a highly amiable Confucian — the virtue, not only admired, but worshipped by me.


As far as I know, Ip never played mahjong with others except his disciples and their students, nor had he ever patronised public mahjong entertainment establishments. For example, when rolling up Tan Sau into Bong Sau, it is the course of this rolling movement that makes up the Bong Sau technique; the function of Bong Sau exists in its circular motion. It so happened that I had great interest in physics and mechanics; I enjoyed his theories on body structure and power development methods very much.

For any enquiry, please call Sigung Chu Shong Tin continues to endorse and support the Academy’s teaching programme, and retains the honorary title, ‘Father of the International Wing Chun Academy’, which he accepted from Sifu Jim in Practice with mind focus and steady speed.

When he returned, showing up at the doorway, Ip immediately said: The story cju from the end of In another instance, someone was spouting off about things, not respecting the elders present. Sometimes we would prepare meals on our own.

About | Chu Shong Tin Wing Chun Alumni

Thus we echoed in sharing and felt close to each other. Tei Gong pulling up of the muscle around the anus area helps unite body and stance. It is shaped like a duck. Like every beginner in class, I started my journey with Siu Nim Taueven though I had already familiarized myself with the form as an observer.

It can also transfer or deflect energy dynamically when spinning.