CMR CONDITIES EPUB – CMR stands for “Convention relative au contrat de transport international. Cmr condities pdf De afkorting CMR staat voor. International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) concerning the electronic consignment note. The Parties to this Protocol,. Being Parties to the Convention on the. 1 This Convention shall apply to every contract for the carriage of goods by road in vehicles for reward, when the place of taking over of the.

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The provisions of article 9 shall apply to the relations between successive carriers. Artikel 4 Toon relaties in LiDO.

Vorderingen in en buiten rechte Toon relaties in LiDO. Delay in delivery shall be said to occur when the goods have not been delivered within the agreed time-limit or when, failing an agreed time-limit, the actual duration of the carriage having regard to the circumstances of the conditiws, and in particular, in the case of partial loads, the time required for making up a complete load in the normal way, exceeds the time it would be reasonable to allow a diligent carrier.

Such reservations shall cme bind the sender unless he has expressly agreed to be bound by them in the consignment note.


The carrier shall be entitled to claim the cost of such checking. Artikel 37 Toon relaties in LiDO. Article 50 In addition to the notifications provided for in article 49, the Secretary-General of the United Nations shall notify the countries referred to in article 42, paragraph 1, and the countries which have become Contracting Parties under article 42, paragraph 2 of: For any country ratifying or acceding to it after five countries have deposited their instruments of ratification or accession, this Convention shall enter into force on the ninetieth day after the said country has deposited its instrument of ratification or accession.

Article 26 The sender may, against payment of a surcharge to be agreed upon, fix the amount of a special interest in delivery in the case of loss or damage or of the agreed time-limit being exceeded, by entering such amount in the consignment note. Article 17 Toon wetstechnische informatie. Furthermore, in such a case such agents, servants or other persons shall not be entitled to avail themselves, with regard to their personal liability, of the provisions of this Chapter referred to in paragraph 1.

Deze rente, ten bedrage van vijf procent per jaar, loopt vanaf de dag waarop de vordering schriftelijk bij de vervoerder is ingediend of, indien dit niet is geschied, vanaf de dag waarop zij in rechte aanhangig is gemaakt.

Artikel 6 Geen andere versies. De afzender is jegens de vervoerder aansprakelijk voor de schade aan personen, materiaal of aan andere goederen en de kosten, welke voortspruiten uit de gebrekkige verpakking van de goederen, tenzij de gebrekkigheid zichtbaar of aan de vervoerder bekend was op het ogenblik van de inontvangstneming en de vervoerder te dien aanzien geen voorbehouden heeft gemaakt.


Indien deze inlichting niet in de vrachtbrief is vermeld, staat het aan de afzender of de geadresseerde met enig ander middel te bewijzen, dat de vervoerder kennis heeft gedragen van de juiste aard van het gevaar, dat het vervoer van de voornoemde goederen opleverde.

This Convention shall be ratified. The sender shall be liable to the carrier for damage to persons, equipment cmr condities other goods, and for any expenses due to defective packing of the goods, unless the defect was apparent cmr condities known to the carrier at the time when he took over the goods and he made no reservations concerning it. Article 16 The carrier shall be entitled to recover the cost of his request for instructions and any expenses entailed in carrying out such instructions, unless such expenses were caused by the wrongful act or neglect of the carrier.

Article 23 Geen andere versies. Provided that to the extent that it is proved that any loss, damage or delay in delivery of the goods which occurs during the carriage by the other means of transport was not caused by an act or omission of the carrier by road, but by some event which could only have occurred in the course of and by reason of the carriage by that other means of transport, the liability of the carrier by road shall be determined not by this Convention but in the manner in which the liability of the carrier by the other means of transport would have been determined if a contract for the carriage of the goods alone had been made by the sender with the carrier by the other means of transport in accordance with the conditions prescribed by law for the carriage of goods by that means of transport.

Artikel 41 Toon relaties in LiDO.

Nevertheless, in comdities case of wilful misconduct, or such default as in accordance with the law of the court or tribunal seised of the case, is considered as equivalent to wilful misconduct, the period of limitation shall be three years. The trailers are frequently cleaned in the car wash area on our premises.

Correct use of ICT solutions results in a tight schedule and few ’empty’ kilometers. That law shall also govern the fresh accrual of rights of action. Artikel 34 Toon relaties in LiDO. The consignee who avails himself of the rights granted to him under paragraph 1 of this article shall pay the charges shown to be due on the consignment note, but in the event of dispute on this matter the carrier shall not be required to deliver the goods unless security has been furnished by the consignee.


Article 25 In case of damage, the carrier shall be liable for the amount by which the goods have diminished in value, calculated by reference to the value of the goods fixed in accordance with article 23, paragraphs 1, 2 and 4.

Article 48 Each Contracting Party may, at the time of signing, ratifying or acceding to this Convention, declare that it does not consider itself as bound by article 47 of the Convention. These signatures may be printed or replaced by the stamps of the sender and the carrier if the law of the country in which the consignment note has been made out so permits. In witness whereof, the undersigned, beging duly authorized thereto, have signed this Convention.


The Secretary-General shall invite to any conference convened in accordance with this article all countries referred to in article 42, paragraph 1, and countries which have become Contracting Parties under article 42, paragraph 2. Ad artikel 1, vierde lid: These signatures may clndities printed or replaced by the stamps of the sender and the carrier if the law of the country in which the consignment note has been made out so permits.

Artikel 36 Toon relaties in LiDO. Where in respect of a claim referred to in paragraph 1 of this article an action is pending before a court or tribunal competent under that paragraph, or where in respect of such a claim a judgment has been entered by such a court or tribunal no new action shall be started between the same parties on the same grounds unless the judgment of the court or tribunal before which the first action was brought is not enforceable in the country in which the fresh proceedings are brought.

This Convention shall apply also where carriage coming within its conditles is carried out by States or by governmental institutions or organizations. The charges due under the consignment note and all other expenses shall remain chargeable against the goods. In calculating the time-limits provided for in this Article the date of delivery or the date of checking, or the condiies when the goods were placed at the disposal of the consignee, as the case may be, shall not be included.