Complications of csom andha Kumar, 1. Subtitle Complications Of CSOM; 2. Define complication with reference to. Background: Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is a common public health problem in India. Though there is decline in the incidence of complications but. complications of CSOM however, the rate of complication associated with squamous-type CSOM is still significant in Southeast Asia.1,2 Bezold.

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The intracranial and extracranial complications are unique to each individual, and therefore, it needs to be dealt with utmost precision and expertise.

This may take place through three routes which include hematogenous dissemination, thrombophlebitis, and direct extension.

Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol ; Facial nerve paralysis due to chronic otitis media: There is a need to emphasize the importance of accurate and early diagnosis followed by adequate surgical therapy with a multidisciplinary approach. Most of the cases were children with extensive cholesteatoma, prolonged ear discharge while three cases were with post aural fistula. The mortality in our series is zero as compared to other series [ 1346 xsom. Clinical presentation and management of labyrinthine fistula in chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma.

World Health Organization, Management of unsafe type of chronic suppurative otitis media with extracranial complications at a tertiary care center.

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Intratemporal complications was seen in 46 In EC group patient with Facial nerve paresis, surgical intervention at csomm earliest possible was carried out. What are the reasons behind the complications of suppurative otitis media? Despite the reduction in the incidence of CSOM-related complications with the introduction of antibiotics, Gradenigo’s syndrome, mastoid abscess, labyrinthine fistula, and other complications still do occur.

Still a problem in 21st century. The lumbar puncture was done carefully.

Common Complications Of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media(CSOM)! – By Dr. Honey Gupta | Lybrate

Computed tomography scan is an inevitable part of diagnostic algorithm rendered when a patient with CSOM presents with complications. The objective of the study is to determine various types cskm otogenic complications affecting both the paediatric and adult population in our institution and efficacy of various clinical measures such as CT scan and culture and sensitivity tests, involved in their diagnosis and management.

Facial nerve grading system.

Yonsei Med J ; Systematic approach needed to establish cause of vertigo. I am 20 years old I had left ear congestion last winters and till n The most common age for complication was first three decade of life.

Culture and Sensitivity – Ear Swab Test. Lateral sinus thrombosis in our series had zero mortality as compared to other series [ 36 — 8 ].

Nig Postgrad Med J. Complicstion of the patients belong to coplication area and lower socioeconomic status. Extracranial complications of chronic suppurative otitis media. Intra operative observation of labyrinthine fistula Click here to view. Brain abscess is the most common IC complication in our series all are caused by extensive cholesteatoma.


Received Jan 7; Accepted Jan Open in a separate window.

Common Complications Of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media(CSOM)!

The epidemiological presentation, clinical features and results of treatment are discussed. Overall awareness was poor. High resolution computed tomography temporal bone showing erosion of bony wall of right lateral semi-circular canal Click here to view. J Otorhinolaryngol Head Neck Surg.

High resolution computed tomography temporal bone revealed presence of destruction of mastoid air cells with soft tissue opacification and extension of soft tissue in the middle ear with ear ossicles embedded in it. Escipra 10 MG Tablet.

Surgery was main modality of management of these conditions. The antibiotics which were based on culture sensitivity report of aural swab and after consultation with our physician played a vital role in good outcome.

The probable reason why these complication are still encountered complicafion be related to ignorance about the seriousness of persistent and sometimes offensive ear discharge [ 3 ].