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Febrero 9 de Fuente: According to law, voting is a fundamental right open to all citizens 18 years or older art. Licenses are required, and impose a major financial burden on the organization. There is an expressed constitutional prohibition of censorship, however, there are many de facto filters on publications, such as threats coming from armed groups, the fear that impunity will prevent effective investigation of corruption cases, or the fear that there will unuficado a rejection from the government when information does not favor it.

Following the ruling of a judge, Semana clarified the information twice. The lack of transparency in the CNTV has led doan many discussions about the need to reform or to eliminate it. For example, public funds for campaigns are only given to political parties and not to candidates, and to get the legal status, parties are required to have at least 2 percent of valid votes in congressional elections.

The appeal mechanisms for access to information requests are the same used to appeal any other administrative decision, and they also protect the basic right to information.

Records costs are prohibitive to most citizens, journalists, or CSOs trying to access this information.

Regime Facile Femme 6 Ans

Although the responsibilities of the Electoral Council are clear and permanent, they are hindered by the partisan origin of its members. In July dan State Council issued a ruling nullifying the Congress elections because it found 33, fraudulent votes.

These practices of informalization and intermediation have reduced the rate of unionization, according to the ENS only four of each workers are affiliated to unions and the number of union members has decreased conce;to and from 86, toIn October there will be local elections for majors, governors, local councils and departmental assemblies.

The agency may be slow to act, unwilling to take on politically powerful offenders, reluctant to cooperate with other agencies, or occasionally unable to enforce its judgments. According to the statistics of the Defensoria del Pueblo Ombudsmanthe right of petition is the third right most threatened by the state and from which they receive more complaints asking for protection of dr right in Some additional delays may be experienced.


On June 7,there were elections for local major in San Carlos-Antioquia, and 50 percent of citizens surveyed by the MOE reported that electoral posts lacked proper conditions for disabled people and the elder to vote. The initiative was created to expand public information on the work of NGOs, to promote a culture unificaco transparency, unifkcado respond partially to attacks made by the government to many human rights organizations, and to repel the attempt of different actors to co-opt NGOs.

The auditor becomes responsible for the unifixado management if he or she does not inform the Electoral Council about irregularities. Records are free to all citizens, or available for the cost of photocopying. In practice, although all parties do have access to media, coverage is unequal. Appeals may be unacknowledged for many months and simple issues may take more din three months to resolve. Abril 17 de http: According to the Law of known as the anti-corruption law, it is stated that investigations conducted by journalists on public authorities are a manifestation of the social role of media and of freedom of expression and information.

Broadcast media groups are effectively prohibited, either by official requirements or by unofficial means, such as intimidation or fear. After the scandals about drug trafficking funding in the presidential elections, presidential candidates have been very careful in respecting limits on contributions.

In law, there are requirements for disclosure of donations to political candidates and parties. During the study period it became public that the central intelligence agency of the Government -DAS- had been spying ilegally on several journalists. The government usually discloses reasons for denying an information request to eian requestor, with some exceptions.

The Constitution also guarantees the right to inform clncepto to get impartial and truthful information. CSOs can still access public funds through contracts or services. According to the survey, the level of development refers to the availability of uinficado, rules and policies and the perceptions about the neutrality in the selection of personnel.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

The Commission was designed as a mechanism to increase the engagement of CSOs in policy making, but it has not worked in practice. Succesful oversight experiences are usually those in which big economic and media groups are involved. However, it has been criticized by some organizations that consider it a way to legalize the paramilitaries and a blank check for impunity. His wife was also detained in Caqueta. The process with the paramilitaries started in Decemberand until Sian in has meant the demobilization of 31, paramilitaries.

  ISO 14692-2 PDF

According to the Constitution, parties, movements and candidates should disclose the volume, destiny, and origin of their income. The government always discloses to the requestor the specific, formal reasons for denying information requests. In practice, the government does not prevent citizens from accessing content published online.

The constitution guarantees the right of free association art. Finally a norm approved in the reform allows politicians to change parties freely thus contributing to the weakening of party structures that were supposed to be strengthened with the reform. Government opponents can be seen by the population as lacking unifficado, stigmatized as guerrilla members, and are subject to pressures and threats. Usually, big national CSOs are called to give comment on specific issues in the elaboration of laws in Congress.

According to the Constitution, every citizen has the right conceptk access public documents except in cases established by law art.

Iit is important to note that during the study period the CNE decided to investigate irregularities in the conepto reports made by the committee promoting a referendum to approve the second reelection of President Alvaro Uribe, a decision that many observers considered brave given the popularity of the president and indicative of some independence.

The government generally ensures equal access and fair treatment of all candidates and parties by state-owned media outlets but some exceptions exist.

Regime Facile Femme 6 Ans

In case information is not accurate, there are penal, civil, and administrative responsibilities, and slander is prohibited. This is the reason of 88 percent of tutelage mechanisms appeal presented by citizens on State-owned media may occasionally discriminate against particular parties or candidates and advertising rates may be confusing or non-transparent.

It also guarantees the right of rectification and prohibits censorship article The formal process for calling a new election may be flawed or abused. However, in practice sometimes voting is not totally secret as voting cubicles are too open, too close to one another Corporacion Mision Observacion electoral and too close to the tables where judges are.

The government never removes online information or disables servers due to their political content. Advertising space may be denied to opposition candidates and parties or higher rates may be charged.