CONCOA’s line of industrial gas apparatus has been the fabrication industry’s. CONCOA continues to develop new products and improve on existing technologies Pressure Differential Switchovers. CONCOA’s technologically advanced medical switchover systems are.

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While all regulators can reduce pressure in a gas system, CONCOA high purity regulators conform to very exacting standards eegulator pressure control.

CCD Series controller display. The item you receive may be different from the actual item in the photo in the case of multiple quantity lots. And was kept on a shelf.

Concoa Regulator

However, delivery pressure remains constant as cylinder pressure decreases, and greater accuracy in pressure control is maintained because the pressure reduction is performed in two steps. The diaphragm is a sensing element crucial to the function of the regulator and the purity of gas delivery.

We try to give you as much information as possible and a direct link to the manufacturer if possible. Read horizontally to the left to determine the corresponding pressure drop.

CONCOA Premium Equipment Range

Regulatoe stage regulators reduce pressure in a single step to deliver a pressure within a specific range. New Jersey Sold by: Follow the curve to the desired flow rate on the horizontal scale. Refer to CGA publication V-1 for more information. Just so that we are clear on that, this is an item that has not been thoroughly tested. Materials of Construction The materials of construction regulatr a regulator should be selected based on the properties and purity of the gas being used.


Below, we discuss some bases of comparison that can help you navigate this catalogue and choose a regulator that best suits your needs.

Concoa Precision Gas Control Regulators – The Fitting Source Inc.

CONCOA’s commitment to quality in engineering has made its distribution products the most reliable and cost effective equipment in the industry. Lightly used unit in excellent condition. Providing single and two regulqtor oxy-fuel cutting apparatus CONCOA became the choice to build the back bone of today’s manufacturing community.

We are not a party to any manufacturer’s warranty that may or may not apply. Aluminum is an economical lightweight alternative to stainless steel for many of the mildly corrosive gases.

Flexible and cryogenic hoses.

Medical Products CONCOA medical regulators are designed with the same quality, care and attention to detail as all of our other flow control lines. Cylinder Brackets and Chains. Helium Leak Integrity Helium leak integrity is a measurement of how well a regulator prevents gases from leaking into or out of a regulator body.

It is being sold as is because it has not been untested. Organized 25 years ago by gas industry scientists and engineers, CONCOA is today a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of gas control devices.

Stainless steel diaphragms are corrosion resistant and have low leakage rate characteristics. To use the chart, determine the maximum no-flow pressure permitted by your system. CONCOA invests substantially more in research and development than the industry average in order to develop a continuous stream of new products, here is one typical example: For this reason, single stage regulators are best suited for applications where a constant outlet refulator is not critical, where an operator can monitor and readjust pressure, or where inlet pressure is constant.


This smooth transition from high pressure to low pressure reduces the effects of gas surge on the diaphragm and minimizes regulator hum.

Concoa Regulator Refine Results. Altos 2 Cylinder Pressure Alarm. Advantium 16 System reuglator. Skip to main content. Dual Stage Single stage regulators reduce pressure in a single step to deliver a pressure within a specific range. Laser Products A carbon dioxide or gas laser requires unique equipment scarce in the gas apparatus manufacturing industry.

Regulator gauges, Series.

CONCOA Premium Equipment Range

Helium leak integrity is a measurement of how well a regulator prevents gases from leaking into or out of a regulator body. The only company that routinely assembles specialty gas regulators in a cleanroom environment, CONCOA provides systems and equipment that perform precisely, under demanding conditions in diverse applications.

If we hold the product in stock, you can have it the next day! Swagelok Manual Shut Off Valve. A choice of forged body or barstock construction is available.

Flow Charts The flow charts found on pages are a graphical representation of test results which show the change in outlet pressure. In this case, a Helium Leak integrity rating of 1 x would indicate that the regulator would leak enough gas to fill one cubic centimeter every 33 years.