Conjured. a young adult novel by Sarah Beth Durst available now from Bloomsbury / Walker Books for Young Readers · Read the first chapter. Eve has a new. Title: Conjured. Author: Sarah Beth Durst. Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Young Adult. Publisher: Walker Childrens Publication Date: September 3rd. One. She can’t remember who she is – but she has someone else’s face and name. Two. She is the only survivor of a notorious serial killer – who will never sto .

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The only persons she trusts are Malcolm and her exuberant, frank, charming co-worker Zach–but could Eve be leading danger to them? Few drst are nice to her, and her “Aunt” Nicki read: She finally does, but her actions ended up being utterly unbelievable, capricious, and unsupported by rationality.

Literally everything was minutely described.

Written as a young adult novel, and in many ways it has the makings of a book for young people, but don’t be fooled, this book is amazing for adults young or old. Just know that I never would have guessed it, not even a bit, but it’s not one of those solutions that seems contrived, like you couldn’t have known because you weren’t given the information.

And if you can’t be safe She couldn’t make up her mind to do anything, and she was so passive all the time. Actually, my impatience and frustration was with the others. He doesn’t lie and later we find out why.

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She is a graduate of Princeton University, where she spent four years studying English, writing about dragons, and wondering what the conjueed gargoyles would say if they could talk. I must have glossed over the part of the blurb that mentions that Conjured is also an amnesia story. She’s been told that she’s in a witness protection program. I can picture the desperation of the Magician’s victims.


They were all eccentric and wonderfully weird in their own ways. This book makes for an extremely compelling, refreshing and emotionally engaging journey – one that you’ll want to re-take time and time again.

Jul 26, Jen Ryland added it Shelves: All she did all book was kiss fucking Zachary, who was the begh person who’s breath wasn’t gross because Eve WANTED to give him her powers, and he’s the love interest and is “”perfect””, therefore his breath smelled sweet like flowers or something. For the most part, the characters in Conjured didn’t work for me.

She’s been told that she’s in a witness protection program. Aunt Nicki doesn’t sugarcoat things and barely seems to tolerate her, but Malcolm is the understanding agent who seems to care enough about her to explain things.

Conjured is a gorgeou An ambitious, visually dazzling and completely breathtaking literary triumph – Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst is an absolute must-read for saarah paranormal fantasy fan out there. I don’t say this because Sarah Beth Durst is my friend.

My favorite parts of this book happened during Eve’s blackout moments or visions. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? And I rated it two stars.

What the hell kind of person hears that and thinks “oh, suitable love interest material right here mmmmmm yeah” Really, I’m gagging. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. After discovering her true nature, she just gave up. Huge chunks of memory of her present life is missing. Not even remembering sarsh you look like, or what a library is, or whether you have ever eaten a strawberry is a bit strange.

I thought this was gonna have crazy serial killer chases and witness protection agents shooting people to keep Eve safe, but nah. He introduces himself to the heroine by saying “it’s too bad it’s customary to shake hands when greeting someone, because all I want to do is kiss you betg see if you taste like strawberries” paraphrased.


To ask other readers questions conjurec Conjuredplease sign up. Eve has a new home, a new face, and a new name — but no memories of her past.

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However, I liked Eve enough to make the journey with her. He’s not your usual teen love interest, he’s got verbal diarrhea, is an encyclopedia of random trivia, but he’s endearing and somehow I loved him. All in all, I had a lot of fun with this book.

This book reminded me a lot of Another Little Piece in its surrealism and the massive wtf-ery of its plot. The craziest things happen at the library but it was also a place of safety for her when she couldn’t remember anything else: Twisted and tormented by the horrific and strange visions that don’t make any real sense, but it’s the only thing real that she has.

Malcolm is a sweetheart, and I loved his relationship with Eve. The use of the three items which I mentioned were completely arbitrary; besides the inclusion of magic, there was little relevance and mention of the serial killer or portrayal of Witness Protection Program that I had hoped to get. She’s lost and broken in every way possible. Ever inch of this book is covered with questions and I constantly felt like I was missing something.