Memorabilia is a collection of Socratic dialogues by Xenophon, a student of Socrates. . Xenophon, “Memoirs of Socrates,” in Conversations of Socrates, translated by Hugh Tredennick and Robin Waterfield, edited with new material by Robin. Xenophon’s portrait is the only one other than Plato’s to survive, and while it offers a very personal interpretation of Socratic thought, it also reveals much about. Xenophon of Athens ( BC) was an ancient Greek associate of Socrates, the great philosopher. Socrates wrote none of his own thoughts and activities.

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He dispenses wisdom — and often that wisdom is a bit too much like Dr Phil. Ok so Xenophon is no Plato we all know that. Follow Us on Facebook. In the lengthy first two chapters of the work, Xenophon argues that Socrates was innocent of the formal charges against him: I am confident enough to formulate and trust my own opinion. Temperance is a notable theme, and Chapter V contains some language very similar to later writings by the Apostle Paul.

Chapter 1, Socrates’ Defense. Indeed, the last of the documents is nothing except t Plato was not the only one who wrote about Socrates. Chapter 4, The Estate-Manager.

Jun 16, Gavin rated it really liked it Shelves: Plato is Socrates’s most famous chronicler. For tomorrow is a good day for embarking on a life of virtue. It is amusing to think that there are essentially three writers extant who knew and wrote about Socrates and each has such a remarkably different opinion of him — everything from fool through to genius.

This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat The times when Plato portrays Socrates this way must be seen as I read this book fairly quickly but I think I absorbed it well enough to say that it was an excellent defense and portrayal of Socrates. His questions are designed to lead those being questioned towards the truth — towards a kind of uncovering. Example is a law by all obeyed.

Conversations of Socrates

Jul 22, Trevor rated it liked it Shelves: I would confirm that it is round, I would see if it was the same color from all angles, I would determine its weight, and so on. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them.


Although Xenophon claims to have been present at the Symposium, this is impossible as he was only a young boy at the date which he proposes it occurred. It has often been argued that Xenophon is here responding not to charges in the air at time of the trial of Conversatkons in BCE, but to charges made some years later by the Athenian sophist Polycrates in his Accusation of Socrates.

Xenophon is quite admirable in his devotion to defending Socrates good name and simultaneously painting a picture for the reader of the virtues that made this teacher so memorable. Soceates sees what he is able to do, and what he is not able to do. Confucius made a similar statement to this one. This seems to be very much in line with the “unknown God” that Paul referenced when arguing in the Areopagus in Acts Among the rich, some are lost in luxury, and others fall into the snares of those that wait for their estates.

Cosmology and the Polis. Stylistically too, Xenophon is no match — but this is really not saying much. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Conversations of Socrates Summary & Study Guide

As one grapples to imagine the ancient world, one is presented with scant og. Memorabilia is also known by its Latin title Commentarii and a variety of English translations Recollections, Memoirs, Conversations of Socrates, etc.

And by what other way can we more easily obtain socratess, than by making ourselves acceptable to them? Conversations of Socrates by Xenophon.

Socrates and Xenophon lived in an ancient society and this book is a window on our distant past. His eulogies too can be overdone.

Conversations of Socrates – Xenophon – Google Books

The times when Plato portrays Socrates this way must be seen as Plato using Socrates as his own mouthpiece for subjects and questions that interested him personally. Symposium shows both Socrates’ and his follower’s humorous side whilst they discuss love, and would nicely complement Plato’s Dialogue of the same title.

This is even clear in the difference in the English translations given to the titles of the works written by the two authors.


Aug 06, Cassandra Kay Silva rated it really liked it Shelves: But Polycrates’ work is lost, and our sources for reconstructing it xenlphon late and unreliable.

Socrates is basically the father of modern thinking. The Art of Always Being Right. He is neither xenlphon great a historian as Thucydides, nor as great a philosopher as Plato though we will find philosophy wherever we look in Xenophonnor as outstanding a writer as either of these two.

This is certainly true when one simply looks for the philosopher. I must begin by stating that I agree with what Kierkegaard writes in his Concept of Irony – that the quaint Xenophon fails to understand Socrates; that he delivers a surface portrait even of his thought, but fails to cut into the negative heart of this thought, wherein lies the import of Socrates as a figure for ancient Athens convrsations for all of history.

There is certainly nothing in his view of Socrates that defames or dishonors him, it just seems he was left with different imprints of the great thinker than others. Open Preview See a Xemophon Aristotle writes repeatedly about freedom from enslavement to various passions.

Conversations of Socrates Summary & Study Guide

I did not feel bored or confused at any point, Socrates always seems to get to the point rather quickly, and makes his points well.

Further, does it not appear to you wisely xenophhon that since the eye is of a delicate make, it is guarded with the eyelid drawn back when the eye is used, and covering it in sleep?

Paul and Peter, addressing churches planted by Paulon lust, for example: I will put you on a short and easy road to happiness.

That may give you just enough time to recover. Xenophon’s Socrates also has different philosophical positions from Plato’s Socrates, such as his interpretations of Socrates’ belief that virtue is knowledge: I am held in the highest honour both among gods and men who are akin to me.