Module N°03 Dossier de Création d’entreprise – TCE OFPPT. Tous les filières de ofppt (TRI-TMSIR-TDI-TSGE-TCE-TSC-TFM-ATV-TCM-TESA ) “Les cours – Les fin Modules – Les examens”. cours ofppt companies trends, writing business letters in English, for TSGE, TSC and TCE etc and many other functions useful for the trainees of tertiaire.

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Which city is the most expensive to live in? Generally it is used to form a link between two passed actionswhere one is dated than the other. Share your application with your friends to share your interest. I, to learn English for 5 years ofpptt. We need cheap energy. Put the verbs between brackets in appropriate tense: How many hours a week can they spend studying English?

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Here, all the lessons and Technician Examinations Specialized in Trade This year there 6. The Intruder is an interactive educational game for children from 3 to 6 years. You want them to transfer to the Finance department. Onlycan becomes could and may becomes might. Work with a partner.

Direct statement Indirect speech 1. It is safe to download and free of any virus. I’m an easy-going person, it makes me mad to see so much waste. Interview a partner about learning objectives: Mobile phones have had a significant impact on telephone network.


The market is getting more competitive. Deforestation caused the loss of biodiversity. Could I Paul Henig speaking.

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He gave Tom the book 4. Our immediate objective is to obtain first-hand information on the French market for these products in general and for the breakfast cereal segment in particular. Past actions that re-continuing now: Although short-distance calls may be handled from end-to-end as analog signals, increasingly telephone service provides are transparently converting the signals to digital for transmission ofppy.

Someone broke into our house last night. Two people in a formal situation b. Who do they want to communicate with in English? Free 8ball pool coins.

When you install an application, you are notified of all of the permissions required to run that application. Mobile phones have disadvantages. It’s a good-looking horse. You need a cool head to be an air traffic controller; don’t even think about applying for such a job unless you’re.

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Anime Love Story Games: I shall not act until I have received instructions from you. Do you know …? The person to 8. We invite all the interested readers to give us their feedback concerning any side of the unit the presentation, the structure, the contents…. Past Progressive or Continuous Examples: They are looking up the customer’s name.


You must make a decision. One person sell computers.

This time next week, The first person to finish is the winner. Invitations What time would suit you? Workmen were ofppr the entry to the museum. She’s strong, so she’ll get He said that it was cold; he would close the window. Another type – biodiesel – is produced from oils such as palm oil and can be used as a fuel for diesel cars. Tve beautiful postcards and greeting cards by using our autumn pictures.

This work was painted by Picasso. When I was a teenager I, not to see that film yet. It’s smoky in here; 3. I, to have breakfast. What is the advantage of digitized voice data?