: Wings of the Wicked (Angelfire) (): Courtney Allison Moulton: Books. Angelfire is a series of young adult urban fantasy novels by author Courtney Allison Moulton, Angelfire Wings of the Wicked Author, Courtney Allison Moulton. My urban fantasy book series, ANGELFIRE, is published by HarperCollins. ANGELFIRE is an Indie Next List Pick! WINGS OF THE WICKED earns a STARRED.

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But then when the room was getting hotter Ava had to arrive and freeze everything. There was something so impressively balanced about Ellie, how despite her power she remained vulnerable, and how despite determination there was an acceptance coyrtney doubt. She’s not wucked relatable teenager. View all 7 comments. AwesomeSauce Book Club rated it really liked it Shelves: So I reach the top, and I’m literally thrown off this slope, right into the air.

I had heard of Angelfire a couple years ago. It was great to see a little more into some of the Reapers’ backgrounds, particularly Will, although I found him quite annoying in Wings of the Wicked, as opposed to in Angelfire where I enjoyed his character.

I’m convinced at this point that this series is some kind of wicled experient on the part of HarperCollins.


Anyway, we win, and then tra-la-la! But most of the time she’s a foolish teenager who wants to be, well, a foolish teenager.

She amazed me with Angelfire but with Wings of the Wicked, she blew me away! From the moment in the first few pages that Ellie, having been thrown to the ground by a giant Reaper, lies there with her eyes closed for several minutes recapping the previous book while the Reaper that threw her obediantly stands waiting alert enough to growl, drool and make threats, but not actually bite her head off with its huge motherfreaking teeth and Ellie’s boytoy Will battles with another one unaided, I could see that things had actually managed to get worse.


Anniversary except without the flesh-eating wolves and I stop by the entrance, because there’s this little button you need to press to make the elevator inside the walkway, up to the shops above, work. The love scenes were presented almost similarly. First of all, let me get one thing straight. I tried hard to empathize with her, and for a few pages I thought I may have been. If you’re looking for a book that will sweep you off your feet, is full of brilliant writing, breathtaking romance and a well developed storyline than this is one you need to read.

All of that did happen, to an extent. First of all, all she did in the entire book was bitch and moan. I found the sequel to Angelfire to be better than the first one They try to deal with it or if they need help then they ask for help not always have someone to come save them like they can’t do anything by themselves like weak little princesses!

On the plus side there was more action and loss, which kept things entertaining. The writing seems infinitesimally better in this novel, at least in the beginning.

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I wrote his name in all of my notebooks and tore girls’ wickeed out to get the seat behind him in class so I could talk to him and fuck, I was all on imagining what our wedding would be like. But she’ll be betrayed. S This book is everything that is wrong with books. How will I be able to wait so long for the resolution?

This book has this honest, human, emotional aura that I couldn’t shake. Get your butt out there and destroy the bad guys!! There’s no excuse why she can’t fight. Not only does she NOT do this, but she doesn’t seem to show any initiative in finding things out for herself.

Hardcoverpages. I was cheering for them out loud anytime As seen on: Ellie is the one with the angelfire: Part of me want to gives this book at 2 and then other part of me wants to give it a 4. I know I should have been kind of happy that the enemy died, but I was more sad than content, to be frank. Ellie and the gang wear themselves out mourning over the friends they lose.


I mean got damn, why does this keep happening in writing nowadays?! It still courtnye, a lot. Moulton should’ve edited her book more before she got it published but that’s just my opinion.

Don’t even glance at it in passing. While humans may be physically weaker than other creatures, we have great strengths in so many other ways. She is a great student, swimmer, and I was hoping it would live up to the promise of the first book.

Other love interest who is somewhat interesting but makes no sense because he’s only in 5 short scenes in the book and spends the whole time saying he’s in love inexplicably winga main girl who he has spent about 5 minutes with, and she cares about him too. Yet somehow, I’ve really grown to care about her in the sequel, as have many of the other characters.

But it’s not the only thing that keeps a book interesting; and in this case the romance wasn’t very interesting.

Wings of the Wicked (Angelfire, #2) by Courtney Allison Moulton

That is literally what this book did to me. There’s some aicked when Will finds out about his mother’s past and who his father is. I think all the “sad” parts in there I just felt hurt over.

So many intense moments of pain and rage fill these pages. They just want to keep using the same crap th and over again and it frustrates people.