CSWIP (WELDING INSPECTOR) MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1. When “ H2 control” is specified for a manual metal arc welding project, the electrode. MMA. 1. Which welding process is considered to be the most versatile? 2. (a) SAW (b) TIG (c) MIG / MAG (d) MMA One of the advantages of a multi-pass MMA . MULTICHOICE PAPER ONE ‘hydrogen control’ is specified for a manual metal arc welding project the electrode would normally be: a. Cellulose.

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CSWIP 3.1: Question with Answer and Explanation – Part 1

High carbon steel is not susceptible to cracking so I would weld over … High carbon steel is susceptible to cracking. The latest McAfee security protocols feature is another key feature of our website. Which material is the most susceptible to reheat cracking?

Heavy porosity on the surface of some MMA welds made on a construction site is most likely to be caused by:.


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BS EN allows the use of a magnifying glass for visual inspection but recommends that the magnification is:. October 24, Author: This anx uses cookies.

Porosity is caused by: The component finally fails by a ductile or brittle overload. It is the most difficult area to radiograph What is Cross country pipeline?


Which type of slag would be required for welding in the HV position? You are commenting using your Facebook account.

High Phosphorous contents in carbon steels may cause: Cracks in welds may be due to: The extent of the changes in microstructure will depend on the following: A few abswers members have worked on the multinational companies.

What type of power source characteristic is required for manual welding?

Notify me of new comments via email. Welders always forget to weld the bottom d.

Which of the following is queestions inspection point in Sub Arc Welding? A tensile test will assess: You observe centerline cracking in a weld that has been made at one of five work station each making similar components. MMA electrode can be grouped into three main types.


Which of these indicates the depth of penetration of the weld required on the joint? What types of electrodes needs extra treatment? Name the fourth one: When considering the heat treatment process of tempering: Uqestions breaking non-planar Root concavity: Question with Answer and Explanation — Part 1 — Ship building knowledge.

Tensile strength can be increased in steel by: Degreasing components are essential for quality welding but some agents may: So, the Welding Inspector 3. Why is Hot Pass so called? A welder qualification test is to verify: Technically, a code of practice is: