Regarded as one of the classic AD&D adventures, The Ghost Tower of Inverness is a very strange module that is the second of the Competition. In , TSR published the module named “The Ghost Tower of Inverness” with the module code “C2”. It was written by Allen Hammack and. compared and differed. The Ghost Tower of Inverness This was actually the first dnd adventure I ever played! I ran four characters (of the.

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Dare you brave the dangers of Inverness in search of its legendary tresaure? Despite the extensive background, it has never really impinged on my vision of Greyhawk — unlike the Giants, Slavers and even WPM!

Additional encounters and traps are also added, which are marked “Not for Tournament Use” in the module. Living Greyhawk adventure scenario by Wizards of the Coast.

Review of C2: The Ghost Tower of Inverness

Multi-part magical key that needs to be assembled? In a episode of the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs season 3, episode 20the main character runs his gym class through the module.


I considered running it again in the 2e days, but looking thru it, it seemed too cheesy for that campaign to use it. Interior artists included Jeff DeeGreg K. Wizards of the Coast.

Review of C2: The Ghost Tower of Inverness – Merric’s Musings

It is one of my “set” site-based adventures that I awaits to be uncovered. Monday, 1st June, Night of the Frozen Shadows review. The hero of the movie, Berek mentions that another character, Dorian, a cleric, had helped him there. All in all, a rousing little adventure, though it would have been nice to find a few more magical weapons before the end.

Please select a support frequency. C2 — The Ghost Tower of Inverness”.

When I was a player, we totally didn’t get the chessboard room and got zapped a bunch, but years later when I ran it, players had become more savvy plus we were all older and it proved to be a cinch. Also, unlike the tournament version, which often specifically states how much damage characters take from certain actions, in the non-tournament version characters are subject to normal random damage rolls. Retrieved from ” https: LaForceDavid C.

Add a copy to your collection. Might make for an interesting one-shot adventure if updated to 3.

In addition to the scenario, it also contained pregenerated characters and rules for scoring if you actually want to run it as a tournament. Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc. Saturday, 13th September, Tournament Points are added, or deducted, from both team and individual scores depending on how characters choose to handle the situations they encounter. This page does not exist.


The Ghost Tower of Inverness – your experiences?

Tuesday, 15th February, Sorry, your blog cannot share posts fo email. You can edit this page to create it. Some few ghosh managed to win free from the terrors lurking within but all have failed to retrieve the Soul Gem – a glowing white bauble as thick as a man’s head!

Shattered Lands Dark Sun: The version is quite rare and highly prized by collectors. Rooms devoted to all four elements? Join Date Mar Location Far from the nearest settlement, away from traveled routes, and high upon a craggy hill.

Level Based Earn XP and level up.