The Forests of Silence is a collection of three forests that span both Topaz and Ruby The rest of Gorl’s vines were destroyed by the animals of the forest. All that stands against him is the magic Belt of Deltora with its seven s. Contact Us. Book – The Forest of Silence by Emily Rodda. Deltora Quest #1. Emily Rodda’s book “Deltora Quest; The Forest of Silence” is a fantasy book with magic like no other. The Kingdom of Deltora is under attack from the Shadow.

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Enraged, Gorl turns around and deals a mortal blow to Barda’s chest. They occur in large numbers and attach themselves to the flesh of any living thing that passes. Books by Emily Rodda. Jared’s parents died so he is still in the castle to be best friends with the prince. I intend to give each book the analysis I think they deserve and have only rarely gotten over the years.

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The blacksmith sneaks back into the enchanted castle, convinces the King and Queen to retrieve the Deltlra, but, sadly, after the Belt has been stolen and sundered into its component gems. Thus, Lief, Barda and Jasmine set out on their quest.

I’m glad to be back in Deltora and hope to get to the 15th book ever The Forests of Silence book is in need of more information! She almost left when she heard about Lief’s Toran bridebut she decided against it after she had learned about Faith. Jarred, on the other hand, was reckless and restless, and longed to see the city of Delleading to his doubt of the Rule’s wisdom.

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Seven Ak-Baba are seen flying away, each with a gem from the Belt of Deltora. If you miss the imaginary worlds you created as a child and wish, for a couple of hours, to slip back into one, then pick up this book and begin your Deltora Quest.

This came highly recommended. They have no fangs but kill their prey by strangling and swallowing them hole. The series starts with a king and his best This was one of my favorite book series as a teen and was the book that really got me into reading fantasy. He learned that silemce was Adin ‘s original intent for the king or queen to always wear the Belt and never let it out of their sight. He still read and enjoyed them. Land Limpets are hard-shelled creatures no larger than a thumbnail.

Forests of Silence | Deltora Quest Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

More on that in later reviews, naturally. He found a man waiting for him, who quezt to his knees at Jarred’s feet, begging for his help. Jasmine, the deuteragonist qusst had been separated from Lief and Barda, comes to the rescue just as Gorl has mortally wounded Barda; she kills Gorl who had actually just been animated suit of armor sustained by sheer will, his body rotted away long ago — interesting detail, I always thoughtand upon his death the Lilies of Life he’d waited so long and killed so many for immediately bloom — Rodda’s dark, ironic humor coming through.

It is inhabbited by a large assortment of creatures, including the Wenn and the Wennbar.


The Forests of Silence

Accompanying the son is the grown son of one of the castle servants, an orphan who was sheltered by the blacksmith and his wife. There, they discover a wall made of steadfastly cultivated vinesenclosing a clearing in the very center of the forest.

Mid Wood is the second of the three forests, as well as the second largest. What a nice, quick read. Many years pass, and both the boy and the King grow to adulthood, marry and have children.

The boy flees the castle which has been enchanted to always present a picture of prosperity to anyone withindeltoa of murder, and finds his way through the destitute countryside to the local smithy which may or may not have been the remains of the original king’s smithywhere he is welcomed and sheltered.

Her mother saw Jasmine and made a sign to her to stay in the ferns and be silent. Good read to the little man as well.

Does the whole books feel like a rip off of the Lord of the Rings? This serves both as a solid motive for her to abandon her lone wolf ways and, for astute readers, as some great foreshadowing of future events. Gorl uses his powers to control Lief’s will and draws him towards himself. Soon, they are of a height where the Wennbar cannot follow them or bring them down.