Prayers for Rain. When a former client jumps naked from a Boston landmark, Private Investigator Patrick Kenzie wants to know why. Once a perky young woman. When a former client jumps naked from a Boston landmark, Private Investigator Patrick Kenzie wants to know why. Once a perky young woman in love with life. Prayers for Rain [Dennis Lehane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When a former client jumps naked from a Boston landmark, Private.

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What he finds is a blackmailing stalker that anticipates his every move. Keep your organ music, your choir, keep your incense and processionals.

Yet six months later, she jumps to her death from the observatory deck of a sky scraper. Two rays of sunshine in this gray-hearted book here. When a former client jumps naked from a Boston landmark, Private Investigator Patrick Kenzie wants to know why. Patrick has clearly lost his balance since Angela left him. However, he knows these characters ddennis and out and together they form a rare ensemble that any crime fiction writer should aspire to create, so it would be foolish to mess with a good thing.

It is easy to like Patrick Kenzie, the detective of this story, along with Angie Gennaro, his beloved partner- sometimes manager! Wishing to be saved? He must have had a partner, he couldn’t do everything by himself rqin where did he get the information, it was a logical ending, but not a perfect mind-blowing ending like Darkness Take My Hand.

View all 5 comments. I love the characters, Patrick, Angie and Bubba.

Then his master plan is revealed and it’s the definition of underwhelming Imagine someone ransoming Los Angeles with an A-Bomb so he can get a free stick of chewing gum Then there’s the thunderingly obvious, utterly annoying “twist”. This case gets them back together. I devoured Prayers for Rain.

It’s frustrating because what you have is a five star book for most of it’s page count, which completely fumbles in praysrs home stretch. The “omnipotent” mailman as a literary device is straight out of G. If you want to read a series you can enjoy over and over again, with great characters and characterization, then Lehane is your guy. Very few cliches here, mostly well-written prrayers. His sense of fatigue is palpable, and we all know that after Grace and Mae left, and his life finally became meaningful with Angela, that his current romances will somehow be only shadows of who he and Angela are together.


I liked rooting for them.

Prayers for Rain – Wikipedia

I reach across to your pillow, and you’re not there. He even manages to insert some humor into stories about psychopaths and various other types of misfits. Patrick is on the case of a girl who committed suicide.

In this world, yeah?

But that isn’t easy with a psychopath hell bent on ruining peoples’ lives, forcing them to become shells of themselves.

Jan 04, Bill rated it really liked it Ddennis So until then, I’m picking through his work, and I’ve very much enjoyed this series so far. If you’ve read this review of the Kenzie and Gennaro books, than you’ve read them all. He knows their deep, dark secret. The story wasn’t as tight as his other work, but still a good read to pass my commute time.

I wanted to see the movie; and since I make it I must confess Stung lwhane his former client’s death, Kenzie makes a quick investigation rai finds that at the time of her call, Nichols had been experiencing a suspicious run of bad luck.

I rai say this is exactly what I wanted it to be I could return them and then borrow them again but I thought what the heck lets at least read this one! Hercule Poirot and his little grey cells, and the cosy drawing-room British murder mystery where violence almost always takes place backstage, is more to my taste.


He doesn’t believe in coincidences and needs Angie’s help to uncover a killer whose methods seem to put him beyond the lawAone who makes his victims do the work, by manipulating their minds and lives until suicide seems a plausible alternative.

As always, my curiosity was piqued, and although I checked out the other named authors I did finally settle on Dennis Lehane.

Prayers for Rain

Suddenly you are halfway through the book and you just started it. But I never learn my lesson it seems This page was last fpr on 25 Februaryfot As the series continues, however, there is an increasing willingness to perform acts that are clearly outside the law. It made the book about pages too long.

Preview — Prayers for Rain by Dennis Lehane. Out of his normal environment–Lehane’s gift is in the gritty, real world of urban Boston Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone, Drink Before the War Rather than focus on the hard, violent realities of the poor and working class, Lehane seemes interested in the facades and hypocracy of upper class suburbanites the Dawes, the psychiatrist –this felt prayees like a Robert B.

Karen Nichols emerges a fully realistic, tragic character, with denni the usual human frailties and complexities. Perhaps part of my enjoyment of this novel stems from Lehane’s use of the numerous geographical sites in and around Boston which are totally familiar to me.

But I decided to read the next one when I saw that I need to return the Lehane books I had at home to the library. And Prayers for Rain did not disappoint. For more of my reviews, please visit: Her boyfriend was hit by a car and is in a coma.