DAA1-VLA Aircraft Flight Manual. 8. 18/01/ Download. DA TR AFM Temporary Revision – Maximum CHT with SB installed. 09/11/ AIRPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL (english) – BASIC MANUAL. Doc. No. Description. Rev. Date. Downl. E. Airplane Flight Manual (AFM). 9. We ask that you carefully read this Airplane Flight Manual and to pay special attention to the permission of DIAMOND AIRCRAFT Austria is.

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The switch is located on the instrument panel. The static pressure is measured by the same probe. Rev bars inserted adjacent to the thru changed pages. Wind Components Maximum demonstrated crosswind component: Empty Weight use the data for your airplane Instrument Panel see Figure 7.

If equipped with an outside handle. Jacking The DAC1 can be jacked at the two jack points located on the lower side of the fuselage’s root ribs and at the tail fin.

Diamond DA20-C1 Manual

AHRS will align even if you must bank, but the alignment time may be slightly longer if maneuvering. Watch carefully for smoke. List of Effective Pages revised.

Display resolution is 1 US gallon. Climb performance during balked landing: Copies of the manual can be obtained through.

Flight Instruments The flight instruments are installed on the pilot’s side of the instrument diamonv.

  EUPEN 5128 PDF

The DAC1 may be equipped with an optional altitude compensating fuel pump. The altitude at which the maximum rate of climb is 0.

Diamond Aircraft :: Basic Manual

It is the pilot’s responsibility to adhere to the weight and balance limitations and to take into consideration the change of the center of gravity CG position due to fuel consumption. Got it, continue to print. On the engine controls on the center console. Sequence requires 9 seconds. Introduction It is ra20 that the responsible airworthiness authority be contacted prior to any alterations on the airplane to ensure that the airworthiness of the airplane is not affected.

Change in center of gravity is due to fuel consumption Figure 6. On the right side of the aircraft above the EPU receptacle. On the upper left corner of the instrument panel. The soft keys can be used to select the appropriate soft key function. For every feet of altitude the aircraft can move forward 11, feet or 1. The maximum speed dlamond the crosswind component at which the manoeuvrability of the airplane during take-off and landing has been demonstrated during type certification test flights.

This database is updated on a day cycle. Land airplane on the side of runway opposite to the side with the diamojd tire to compensate for change in direction which is to be expected during final rolling. Each change of the installed For protection against water and humidity, water sumps are installed within the line.


On the back-rest on the right side. Push down with one hand on the aft section of the fuselage near the vertical stabilizer, to lift the nose wheel. It consists of a dial that is marked numerically from 8 – 16 volts in divisions of 2. DAC1 This manual must be carried in the aircraft at all times!

Diamond Aircraft

It is essential that the responsible airworthiness authority be contacted prior to any alterations on the airplane to ensure that the airworthiness of the airplane is not affected. Length or Altitude 1 [ft. Mooring The tail skid of the airplane has a tie down hole which can be used to moor airplane. See Table 1 below for approved brands. Internal Lighting Description 7. Observe all lights and annunciators illuminate. Several readings should be taken to confirm accuracy.

Climb up to pattern altitude. Take-off Distance Figure 5. An Equipment Record of items installed in your specific airplane is included in the back of this manual. Small Inner Knob Selects a specific page within a page group.