Dinotopia has ratings and 56 reviews. Alec said: With this fourth installment, the series is redeemed! I’m going to get rid of my copy of First Fl. Lists in articles are discouraged on Dinotopia Wiki. You can help Dinotopia Wiki by moving the lists to ‘List of Dinosaurs in Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara’ and. A stand-alone sequel to the first two Dinotopia books, Journey to Chandara offers the perfect introduction to James Gurney’s fantasy world for readers of all ages.

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Review Written by Marya Jansen-Gruber. To get there they move through a series of subcultures and ecosystems.

James Gurney — Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara

Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. Overall, the book was mind-boggling. Gideon and his band reach Highnest, where they help the pterosaurs evacuate the eggs, then take to the air atop their pterosaurs to engage the air scorpion.

Jul 11, Kirsten rated it it was amazing Shelves: Then, when the weather eases, they head for the Eastern Mountains and thence to the remote western edge of Chandara. The human population consists of shipwrecked travelers called Dolphinbacks who are often rescued and brought to shore by Kentriodon and the descendants of such arrivals. There is also a traditionally animated movie called Dinotopia: I enjoyed that far better than the third person narrative.

Without proper passes for the border guards, Arthur and Bix are forced to sneak through the swamp of Blackwood Flats while evading packs of carnivorous Allosaurus. Critics have gushed jourmey Gurney’s phantasmagorical creation, likening him to such venerated literary fantasists as Jules Verne, Wells, and J. The fact that he’s come back for the fourth time to show us more, with all the time and sweat spent on the artworks – I have a hard time critiquing that.


The island is surrounded by a storm system and dangerous reefs that prevent safe travel to or from the island. Books like these are always so difficult to review – on one hand, without childhood nostalgia, the story itself shows Eventually, they reach an enormous man-made chamber filled with abandoned walking vehicles modelled after prehistoric animals, left behind by the ancient civilization of Poseidos, which they nickname “Strutters”.

Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara by James Gurney

After escaping the carnivores, Arthur realizes that the Tyrannosaurus at the ruins may have been guarding the mythical ruby sunstone, and takes his strutter back into the Rainy Basin with Oriana and Bix to discover chanadra.

Arthur kept journals documenting the adventures that he had in Dinotopia, and over time these journals were discovered by a man called James Gurney.

I’d give the story, one star, and the art, five stars. I didn’t find the plot to be anything special, but I had fun seeing all of the dinosaurs. It was published on September 1, This book is not my favourite of the series, but I still enjoyed it.


Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara

ABC originally planned to launch the series in Septemberbut decided to wait until Thanksgiving. Ever since finishing the first one in October, he had been bugging me for the second one! cchandara

First Flight and Dinotopia: This time a fantastic journey is made and as Arthur Denison travels across the island of Dinotopia he, and we along with him, sees all kinds of marvels. We’ve got variations of the dinosaur alphabet. First Flightin exploring a fully rendered world, complete with its own language, geographic locations and history, and confluence of cultures and characters.

Preview — Dinotopia by James Gurney. A live-action TV mini-series, a brief live-action TV series, an animated film, and several video games have also been released. To ask other readers questions about Dinotopiaplease sign up. Nov 12, Rykon rated it really liked it. In the world of Dinotopia, the Code of Dinotopia is an ancient stone tablet citing the rules of living in Dinotopia.

I think this is my favorite of Gurney’s Dinotopia books, and I love the others quite a bit.

Dinotopai art is really beautiful and imaginative. I think I liked it better than the second one, but not as much as the first, though they’re all pretty equal overall.