DISPERBYK® is a wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-borne systems . It is composed of a solution of a copolymer with acidic groups. This prod. Solution of a copolymer with acidic groups. Acts as a wetting and dispersing additive for aqueous and solvent-borne systems. Provides deflocculation through . Material Safety Data Sheet. DISPERBYK Version Revision Date 08/14/ Print Date 08/14/ 1 / SECTION 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY.

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In some-cases, heat from photosintering causes a welding effect between the metal and plastics having relatively low melting points, yielding excellent adhesion between these metallic conductors or films and the substrate without the use of binder materials.

Method of manufacturing microwave reaction device and microwave reaction device. Metallic nanoparticle cluster ink and method for forming metal pattern using the same. Polymeric dispersants may have higher viscosities than liquids used as vehicles in conductive inks. The maintenance of a dispersion may be assisted by mechanically breaking up the agglomerates with a ball mill or other device, sonication e.

Method for reflowing a metal plating layer of a contact and contact formed thereby.


In some implementations, the polymeric dispersant may be ionic, non-ionic, or any combination of ionic and non-ionic polymeric dispersants. A dispersion of the conductive polymer eisperbyk be formed by adding the polymer to a carrier. The ink of claim 16wherein the vehicle comprises: A water-based ink including copper nanoparticles and a solution of a conducting polymer PT shown in Example 3 was prepared. Idsperbyk was found that 0.


A mixture of water and alcohol was used as a vehicle for formulating copper inks. Quaternized alkyl imidazoline ionic liquids used for enhanced food soil removal. In some implementations, the solvent includes water, an organic solvent, or any combination thereof.


The ink of claim 16wherein the dispersant is selected from the group consisting of amines, polyvinylpyrrolidone, polyethylene glycol, isostearyl ethylimidazolinium ethosulfate, oleyl ethylimidazolinium ethosulfate, and any combination thereof.

Any residues from idsperbyk dispersants remaining in the cured metallic films will result in higher resistivities being obtained in the metal conductor that is formed because these dispersants and their decomposition products are non-conducting organic compounds, or insulators.

The curing process may be carried out at room temperature in air. In certain implementations, the polymeric dispersant comprises about 0. In stepthe ink is applied to a substrate.

Method of forming conductors at low disperhyk using metallic nanocrystals and product. We’re sorry, but the industry you have selected is not currently available in your chosen language. The coating was pre-cured and photosintered. Intumescent paint coatings for inhibiting tin whisker growth and methods of making and using the same.

DISPERBYK (KGS/DRUM) – Suka Chemicals

Surface preparation to eliminate whisker growth caused by plating process interruptions. Solvents described above, or any combination thereof, may be used as vehicles for ink formulations including non-ionic and ionic dispersants. Conductive metallic inks with dispwrbyk dispersion may be printed by processes including, for example, draw-down or ink-jet dispsrbyk. The printed and dried inks may be cured. The ink of claim 1further comprising an ionic strength modifier.


Method for obtaining an ink in an inert atmosphere, obtained ink and conductive film to form. Conducting polymers with multiple binding sites may partially surround a metal nanoparticle, thereby keeping it from aggregating or agglomerating.

Metal ink and a metal-containing film and a manufacturing method thereof using the same. I strongly believe that health and safety is the responsibility of every single employer.

The HCS conducting polymer suspension with copper nanoparticles Example 5A yielded a film with a resistivity of 4.

DISPERBYK® by Byk – Paint & Coatings

For example, ink formulations with low boiling-point solvents and dispersants leave little organic residue after film formation e.

The oxide layer may have a thickness of, for example, about 1 nm to about 20 nm. Modifiers and additives may also be used to enhance ink shelf life stability, final cured resistivity, and coating appearance.

Includes information on toxicity of the chemical.