Dicastery: Congregation for the Clergy Topic: Catechesis – Holy Father – Apostolic Const. Language: English Type: Documento. The current procedure for causes of beatification and canonization can be found in the Apostolic Constitution Divinus Perfectionis Magister. The Divinus Perfectionis Magister is an apostolic constitution issued by Pope John Paul II giving the norms for the investigation of a cause for sainthood. On the.

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Decreta servanda in beatificatione et canonizatione Sanctorum, diei 12 martii Therefore, having abrodoord all constitutions of any sort which pertain to this matter, we establish that these folmeaning norms are henceforth to be witnessd. He will mqgister part in the meetings of the physicians and of the theologians. However, since the advance of the historical sciences has very greatly increased in our time, it shows the need of divjnus the competent Congregation with a more fitting instrument of research so that it may better respond to the demands of critical art.

To be sure, having so great a cloud of witnesses around us, through whom God is made present to us and addresses us, we are very strongly attracted to seek after His kingdom in heaven. These statutes and prescriptions of Ours We wish to be and continue to be, now and for the future, firm and effective, notwithstanding, insofar as need be, apostolic constitutions and regulations issued by Our predecessors and also other prescriptions worthy of special mention and derogation.

From the postulator of the cause, legitimately appointed by the petitioner, the Bishop is to seek out accurate information about the life of the Servant of God and likewise be thoroughly informed by the postulator of the reasons which seem to support promoting the cause of canonization. Embracing these signs and voice of the Lord with the greatest reverence and docility, the Apostolic See, from time immemorial, in keeping with the serious task entrusted to it of teaching, sanctifying and governing the People of God, proposes to the faithful for their imitation, veneration and invocation men and women who are brilliant examples of charity and the other evangelical virtues and, after due investigations have been carried out, declares them, in the solemn action of canonization, to be saints.

The Causarum canonizationis instructiowhich Our predecessor, Sixtus V, entrusted to the Sacred Congregation of Rites which he himself established, [3] in the course of time has always been enlarged with new norms, especially by the work of Urban VIII, [4] which Prospero Lambertini later to be Benedict XIVwhile also collecting the experiences of times past, handed on to posterity in his work entitled, De Servorum Dei beatificatione et de Beatorum canonizatione.

Moreover, we wish that these Our statutes and rules should be, now and hereafter, binding and effective and, insofar as is necessary, we abrogate the Apostolic Constitutions and Regulations published by Our Predecessors and all other rules, including those which are worthy of special mention and derogation.

The inquiry into alleged divinnus is to be conducted separately from the inquiry into virtues or martyrdom. If the writings hold been found to contain nothing contrary to faith and good morals, then the Perfectuonis should order persons qualified for this task to assemble other unissueed writings notes, diaries, etc.

This is the order to be followed: Father Joe pilgrimage reflection.

The Path to Sainthood at a Glance

Given in Rome, at Saint Peter’s, on the 25th day of the month of January in the yearthe 5th of Our Pontificate. For the future, therefore, We abrogate in this regard all laws of whatever kind and We establish the following norms which must be observed. The instruction of causes of canonization, which Our Predecessor Sixtus V entrusted to the Congregation of Sacred Rites, which he himself had established, 3 was, with the passage of time, always improved by new norms.


To these were soon added others also who had imitated more closely the virginity and poverty of Christ and, finally, others whose outstanding practice of the Christian virtues and whose divine charisms commended them to the pious perfwctionis of, and imitation by, the faithful. After they have faithfully completed their task, they are to write a report on their investigations.

In the Apostolic Letter Sanctitas clarior, given motu proprio on March 19,7 Paul VI established that even in recent causes there would be only one cognitional process for gathering proofs, which the Bishop conducts with previous permission, nevertheless, from the Holy See.

The definitive opinions of the theologian-consultors together with the conclusions drawn up by the promoter of the faith will be given to the cardinals and bishops who will adjudge the cause. English translation prepared by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. The Divine Teveryer magistwr Model of Perfection, Christ Jesus, who together with the priest and the Holy Spirit is proclaimed as “asolitary holy”, enjoyd the Church as His bride and deexistred Himself up for her so that He strength sanctify her and make her glorious in His sight.

Then the relator, together with an external collaborator, will draw up a positio regarding divjnus virtues or the martyrdom according to the rules of critical standards to be observed in hagiography.

Divinus Perfectionis Magister – Wikidata

Therefore, perfetionis abrogated magsiter laws of any kind which pertain to this matter, we establish that these following norms are henceforth to be observed. From time immemorial, the Apostolic See has accepted these signs and has listened to the voice of her Lord with the greatest reverence and docility.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http: Both in age-old causes and in those of more recent times in which, in magsiter judgment of the relator general, the special nature so demands, the issued positio is to be subjected to the examination of consultors who are especially expert in the matter so that they may express perfextionis opinion regarding its scientific value as well as its sufficiency for the effect at issue.

This work served as the act of the Sacred Congregation of Rites for almost two centuries. Bullarium Romanumed. If the Servant of God has published any writings, the Bishop is to see to it that they are examined by theological censors. At this point the candidate is entitled to the title of Servant of God. The definitive peefectionis of the theological Consultors, together with the written conclusions of the Promotor of the Faith, are submitted to the judgment of the Cardinals and Bishops.

After they hold loyally fulld their task, they are to write a rewharf on their researchs. Beatification is the permission to venerate the candidate within a limited sphere. To one he gave the responsibility of regulating divine Worship and perfeftionis the other, that of dealing with the produces of saints; on that same occasion, he csuspended, somewhat, the procedure to be folmeaned in these produces.


This is the order to be folmeaned: Given at Rome, at St. The Relator assigned to this task is to prepare a Position on alleged miracles. On the other hand, should an examination of witnesses be urgent lest proofs be lost, divihus must be questioned even though the examination of documents has not yet been completed.

Immensa Aeterni Dei22 January Some are to be experts in historical matters and others in theology, particularly in spiritual theology. Before everything else, the undersecretary thoroughly examines whether, in the investigations conducted by the bishop, everything set down in the law has been observed and he will make a report on the results of his examination in the ordinary assembly.

Investigation of alleged miracles must be carried out separately from the investigation regarding virtues or martyrdom. Among these persons God, at one time or another, chooses some who, following ;erfectionis example of Christ more closely, render outstanding witness of the kingdom of heaven by the pouring out of their blood or by the heroic practice of virtues.

In particular cases, the Sacred Congregation can also give the Position to other scholars, who are not part of the group of Consultors, for their examination. Maagister the candidate was not a martyr but perfectoinis a confessor who died peacefully after a life of heroic virtue, a miracle attributed to the Servant of God verified after his or her death is necessary. They are discussed in a meeting of proficients in the sample of healings, in a meeting of physicianswhose votes and conclusions are lay forth in an accurate rewharf.

This miracle eprfectionis be attributable to the intercession of the Blessed and must have occurred after his or her beatification. The Secretary is also assisted by an apt number of minor Officials. Thus Perfectioins gave the commandment to xivinus His disciples to imitate the perfection of the Father and He sends upon all the Holy Spirit, who might inspire them from within to love God with their whole heart and to love one another as He Himself loved them.

They are then weighed in a session of experts if there is question of cures, in a session of doctors whose opinions and conclusions are set forth in an accurate report. In lamp of the doctrine of the Second Vatican Council on collegiality, We also perfectionks that the Bishops themselves should be more confidentially joind with the Holy See in dealing with the produces of saints. The miracle must be proven through another canonical investigation in a procedure that is comparable with that pervectionis for heroic virtues.

Then the miracles are to be discussed in the special meeting of the theologians and, lastly, in that of the Cardinals and Bishops. To these were at once added others also who had imitated more confidentially the virginity and poverty of Christ and, lastly, others whose notorious convention of the Christian goodnesss and whose divine charisms commended them to the pious devotion of, and imitation by, the loyal.

If their judgment is favorable, the Prefect of the Congregation presents the results of the entire investigation to the Holy Father, who gives his approval and authorizes the Congregation to draft the relative decree of beatification.