DOM PROSPER GUÉRANGER, ABBOT OF SOLESMES Dom Guéranger, abbot of Solesmes from , was one of the leading monastics and liturgists. The mystery of the feast of the Purification and Presentation in the temple, fourth mystery of the rosary, with text on St. Simeon by Dom Prosper. Dom Guéranger was appointed Abbot of Solesmes (Oct. 31) and Superior General of the Benedictines of the “Congrégationde France”, and those of the little.

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It was the Revolution that gave rise to them then. It had been reduced to ruins, like so many others, by a revolutionary mob. Napoleon tried by every means he could devise to force the pope to do his will. This monastery went on to make foundations, thus resulting in the female branch of the Solesmes Congregation. Now, however, in the spring ofa notice began to guerange in the newspapers of Le Mans. guerangee

Deign, O Lord, to grant the favour we ask you by his intercession, so that his sanctity may be recognized by all and that the Church may soon allow us to invoke him as the one of your blessed and one of your saints.

Let us just note that as much as we feel indebted to Gary Potter, we are not completely in agreement with everything he writes. So, the history of the Faith and of the world is replete with the names of rulers, statesmen, soldiers, clerics, historians, artists of all kinds and others who may not have been canonized but have contributed mightily to the defense of Catholicism and spread of Catholic culture. During this period, he was appointed to serve as the administrator of the parish of the Foreign Missions until near the close of Putting the matter another way: These set the boy to thinking on the exoteric character of the Faith — i.

He recognized in the young subdeacon qualities that could carry him far, and which he was pleased to encourage: This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat May his devotion to your Holy Church and his filial love for the Immaculate Virgin, inspired by the mystery of the Incarnate Word, be a light for Christians of our own day. See Reviews in Full Here! They also offer commentary on parts of the liturgy. Virtually ANY Amazon purchase through these links supports us.


More Traditional Catholic Links here. To do so, he first obtained the approval of Bishop Carron. That was the object. It was not immediate, but was eventually given.

That is what we are doing now — providing context. We shall only mention here the most important works: Why is it painful for us?

Prosper Guéranger

guerranger Apart from the King of England and the Tsar, only one ruler and he was still a temporal ruler in those days was not subservient to him. The sentiment of faith must therefore cause the faithful to desire development of the Creed, in order to enter more and more into possession of the truth which the Son of God brought to earth.

Another contemporary, the poet Goethe, wrote of him as being the instrument of the salvation of European civilization. The liberal guersnger of Louis-Philippe was prospe than a year old. However, if the Church relied on no one but her canonized saints to defend and advance her interests and those of the Christian social order, she would hardly be herself, and Christendom would never have existed.

Because the inspiration for this project was born whilst we lived and travelled in the ruins of Catholic France. His was the hand that was on the actual helm of the ship of state. The Emperor ran things administratively. Napoleon, the very embodiment of the Revolution, intended from the outset to be his own look-out as well as helmsman.

Robert Appleton Company, It was also the Assumptionists who put Lourdes on the map as a prrosper of pilgrimage, but not of the sort associated with guerannger shrine today. They included many canonised saints. When the couple wed intheir marriage had to be blessed in secret by a priest who had recently returned to France from exile in the Isle of Jersey and was functioning, like all the non-Constitutional priests in the country at the time, in an underground way.

Dom Prosper GUERANGER | Editions de Solesmes

Roger Buck’s books on Goodreads. My email address is webmaster at newadvent. This last achievement can be seen as it ought only if it is recalled that less than fifteen years before his birth in the practice of the Faith had been made illegal in Guerange by a revolutionary government.


He was, as Potter makes clear, an outstanding figure in that astonishing French Counter Revolutionary revival of the Church. My duties to the bishop and my stay in Paris had suspended aspirations I had had in the seminary. You may not use our material, alter it, and forbid others to use it.

Was it coincidental, too, that all of it and so much more of which we could speak was taking place during the foundational years of Solesmes? He fought to have the Roman liturgy substituted for the diocesan liturgies, and he lived to see his efforts in this line crowned with complete success.

He was well regarded by Pope Pius IXand was a proponent of the dogmas of papal infallibility and the Com Conception. Gueranget should not be forgotten here even if the essay has only one such individual as its subject. There was no living example of it anywhere in France at the time. The Vatican archives were also moved to Paris.

So much could be said then. That said of it, how describe the work to anyone unfamiliar with it? It was another matter when power was in the hands of a heretic, like Napoleon, or an agnostic, like Louis-Philippe. Not merely did this deprive the houses of income.

Peter Mary Chanel, St. Therein he learned of the role the papacy has played not simply in relation to the religion, but in history …. After championing for decades the substitution of the Roman liturgy for the hodge-podge of local rites that existed in France — the legacy of too many years of rampant Gallicanism — he saw his desire fulfilled before leaving this world in That he was serious in his Catholicism is absolutely clear.