Doxygen Cheatsheet. A quick cheatsheet for Doxygen, adapted from [1]. File header. /** \file * Description of the file * * \author Olivier Mehani

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So I am having trouble documenting a class as private in a different location: Multiple postcondition can be listed together or in seperate statements. Part 2 is now out!

If I put like that, then this comment is merged with the one, which i commented before the function definition. Hence why we want automation.

Doxygen allows you to put doxygeen documentation blocks practically anywhere the exception is inside the body of a function or inside a normal C style comment block.

Doxygen cheatsheet – Make More Machines

Multiple invariants can be mentioned in a single or separate paragraphs. Sorry, and thanks for visit! Names joined by either:: Glad I could help!

This is a Doxygen flaw chwat my opinion: Code may be documented in a number of styles, including the “JavaDoc” style: Main menu Skip to content. Comment on parameter i, but function not documented! As a suggested rule, this should only be information the reader can safely ignore, and of marginal interest like credits, inspirations and reasoning behind code.

Doxygen cheatsheet

Categories misc personal programming publications science software talks all tags Tweets by agapow. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I use the rth output. Dosygen helps with those little annoying parts of doxygen. Remember that global functions, variables, typedefs etc.


Markup terms are preceded doxygdn ampersands or backslashs. Markup for general information: Before the opening marker, a separate comment block may be placed that contains name and other information. As a suggested rule, this should be information the reader must heed, such as gotchas, limitations etc.

Doxygen cheatsheet ·

The group is created by using defgroup in a special comment block. If no file name is given it is assumed this documentation belongs to the current file. Furthermore, if the code is commented in a particualr styled, Doxygen can leverage that to enhance the documentation. This is a simple guide to basic use of Doxygen -compliant commenting of source code.

Doxygen Cheatsheet

How do I remove single classes from documentation? An entity can be made part of the group by using ingroup inside its documentation chest.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Markup for global information: You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Simple guide to Doxygen – Linoleum. The same holds for namespaces. A longer comment, which may stretch over several lines and may include other things like: The below is a selection of the most useful markup for Doxygen, to serve as quick introducton and reminder.

Is there any way to be able to change the navigation on the html that is outputted? See Doxygen documentation for use for Python. I wonder how to control the order that doxygen do the docomentaion. For instance, if you want to document the class Testput the following documentation block somewhere in the input that is read by doxygen: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Note these are different to the module grouping tags. Entities may be grouped into global modules, which appear together on a new page.


For instance, if you want to document the class Testput the following documentation block somewhere in the input that is read by doxygen:. This article has been imported from a previous website and has not yet been checked.

Thank you for helping me improve the documentation for CartoType. Any advice would be great. Multiple authors can be listed together or in separate statements. Groups Entities may be grouped into global modules, which appear together on a new page. Doxygen and Graphviz only god will judge me. To document global entities functions, typedefs, enum, macros etc.

It may be malformed or incomplete. Some markup for functions: I have my config file set to hide other internal classes, but adding that comment above the class definition does not remove the class from the documentation.