View Perpu_Nomor_2_Tahun_ tentang from LAW 1 at 20 pages PERDA KOTA DEPOK THN NO 02 TTG PERUBAHAN KEDUA ATAS . Unfortunately, House’s intention to reform seems to not exist on the final draft of the MD3 Law. On 10 July , the House of Representatives held a Plenary These are the Bill on Soil and Water Conservation (RUU Konservasi Monitoring dan Evaluasi Pelaksanaan UU Ormas Tahun ke-V (2 Juli. Some say that the bill was initially drafted to limit the actions of fundamentalist On 12 April , women from FAMM-Indonesia joined a protest rally in Surabaya, East “Hati-hati kembalinya militerisme di balik ruu ormas!.

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A broadly sweeping and highly politicized legal status, as represented by the societal organization, is clearly not suitable for a democratic country like Indonesia.

As of June 17,the government, based on Article 15, had authority to dissolve organizations that were not complying. Foundations receiving donations from the state, foreign parties, or other third parties in the amount of million IDR or more, or that possess assets other than endowed assets of over 20 billion IDR, must be audited by a public accountant and have an abridged version of their financial report published in an Indonesian-language daily newspaper.

A social organization that receives a grant irmas a foreign party, or provides a grant to a foreign party, is obligated to deaft the project plan to the Minister of Home Affairs Articles 10, 18, This bill is an amendment of Law No. Such a regulatory approach is not likely to lead to a healthy and strong civic sector in Indonesia.

Each of these topics was intensely debated. It is not a draft omras as planned in the National Legislation Program, but rather a new law which will revoke the existing law. Restrictive draft Ormas law must be rejected at upcoming Parliamentary sitting. In this case, the government will first give ormmas written warning. While there are a range of laws and regulations governing CSOs, [24] this article will focus on the framework legislation relating to associations and foundations, two 203 organizational forms for CSOs in Indonesia, as important context for understanding the place of the societal organization.

The dissolution of a foundation may occur for three reasons: Societal organizations must secure approval from the government to receive grants from a foreign party or provide grants to a foreign party.

There is a substantial possibility, however, that the targeted euu will again not be met. JASS-aligned activists have been holding discussions with journalist in eastern Java, educating local communities and mobilizing alliances in different ways to put a drafft to repressive government policies such as the Ormas Bill.

However, despite a month-long recess, we are dismayed that there have been no further consultations or substantial effort to engage and address the concerns by civil society.


The law only excludes organizations established by the Government, such as the Boy Scouts Praja Muda Karana or PramukaCivil Servant Organization Korps Pegawai Republik Indonesia or Korpriand organizations working in economic activities cooperatives, limited liability corporation, etc.

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This article will describe the legal framework related to the societal organization, the context of the revision process, and how it will affect freedom of association in Indonesia. CSOs need to be more involved in the lawmaking process. There are various terms used to refer to a civil society organization CSO in Indonesia. A foreign societal organization, in order to operate in Indonesia, 20013 originate from a country with diplomatic relations with Indonesia; must be established as a legal entity in its country of origin; must have an operational license from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; must submit such license sraft the Ministry of Home Affairs; and must, in implementing its activity, cooperate with or involve one or more Indonesian societal organizations.

The suspension and dissolution of societal organizations is further regulated by Government 2103 No. As a result, there is now clear protection for the freedom of association article 28 and freedom of expression article 28E.

However, some Dutch laws remain in place. The recent amendments do not amount to any substantial guarantees of basic and fundamental human rights.

This is reflected in the Directory of Societal Organizations, [56] published annually by the Ministry. In practice, the Ministry of Home Affairs draaft includes foundations within the definition of societal organizations. It would be politically difficult for the Special Committee to shift the focus from one Bill to another, because it would mean a shift in liaising with a different ministry. Overly onerous demands such as submitting work-plans, organizational statutes and disclosure of funding sources are a breach of the right to the freedom of association and will be felt most acutely by mutual interest groups, informal networks, community-based organizations and social movements.

This article will not focus on other types of legal entities, such as labor unions, [25] cooperatives, [26] or political parties. The Ministry of Law could run a program to help CSOs in the regions comply with the laws governing foundations and associations. Abdul Maliq Harmain, mentioned the date of July 12,as the new time frame for the discussion of the Bill in the Plenary Session. By contrast, in many civil law countries, it is the Ministry of Justice or the court system that is made responsible for the registration and supervision of CSOs.

The application is made through a public notary, and the public notary is obligated to submit the application to the Ministry within 10 days from the time draff deed of establishment is signed.

LRWD Edition 23 : July 2014

Article 2 requires that the single basic principle Asas Tunggal of Pancasila be upheld by societal organizations. Furthermore, it is unacceptable that the bill vests blanket authority in the government which will leave many groups vulnerable to arbitrary attacks and limitations. According to the Law No. In analyzing euu new Bill on Societal Organizations, this article will refer to the published draft Bill provided by the Parliament dated May 30, in the series of public hearings conducted in June See Elucidation of Article 8 Law on Foundations.


F-PP argued that Indonesia is a rule-of-law state where such measures as suspension and dissolution should be based on court decisions. However, during the implementation, the Plantations Bill was not only revising articles, but also changed the entire content of the Law.

A constructive response to the Bill would be for CSOs to participate in and contribute to the ongoing process in the Parliament, by sharing their views on the Bill and supporting a more enabling legal framework for CSOs.

LRWD Edition 23 : July –

Regarding riu issue, President Soeharto gave his explanation in his State Address in as follows:. The research fellowship was made possible with the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. The draft Bill requires that a societal organization make its activity and financial report accessible to the public. Legislation during the House of Representatives Final Period.

Government officials, parliamentary members, and some interest groups, such as the Islamic Defenders Front FPI and the Betawi Brotherhood Forum FBRhave accused Greenpeace of being an illegal entity because it is not registered as a societal otmas, as required by Law No.

ogmas In addition, the importance of political stability was emphasized by President Soeharto in his State Address on August 16, The refusal towards it not only comes from the civil society, but also from political parties who were engaged in the making of the law.

If the organization does not comply within three months, the Government can dissolve it, after receiving consideration and advice from the Supreme Court for national-level organizations or other competent institutions for organizations at the provincial or tuu level.

Responding to the situation, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono gave instructions to dissolve the groups engaged in violence and causing unrest in society. Indeed, the concept of social organization makes sense only as a tool of state control. We provide media kits in the form of images and slogans which are posted on Facebook and we also produce stickers that can be used on laptops or notebooks.