The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin – 0n September 1, , I flew to Israel and met in Jerusalem with a close friend of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the poet. Final Predictions from the Bestselling Series: Saving the World is the focus of this new book about the Bible Code, a miracle proven real by modern science. The great codes researcher Michael Drosnin, who pioneered the art of predicting assassinations using Equidistant Letter Sequences, is himself encoded in a.

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Needless to say, recent headlines drew me back to the book. I bought this book on sale at a mall bookshop.

O sea, el lenguaje mismo no es fijo. I bought this crap for a long time. First, it provides strong proof that the code in the Bible is real.

The Bible Code – RationalWiki

For instance, 64 rows of letters. The reporter who authored the book said that they srosnin the text, “War and Peace” and tried to do the same thing, but they did not come up with anything close.

I had never read the book previously because I had heard you could get the same results analyzing “Moby Dick” or anything else of sufficient length. Anyway, I don’t recommend reading it unless you want to get wrapped up in something that you will regret. Jun 22, Laurey rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: In a sense this book is dangerous; it is a very well written promotion about a theory which is nonsense, and many eager readers with little background in mathematics will be convinced the idea has merit.

So after years of research and writing and knowing that somewhat similar ideas do have merit, I read the “Bible Code. Jun 26, Alejandro rated it it was amazing Shelves: Published April 7th by Touchstone first published Likewise, Drosnin foresees an atomic attack inbut when it doesn’t materialize, he searches the code again and finds the word “delayed.

Beyond the fact that literally any sequence of words can be found in the Bible, the problem is that no “prophet i c” sequence of words has ever been discovered until after the events foretold have transpired.


When presented, many of the codes are shown in such a grid, with the necessary words interlinking, crossing each other or pointing to each other. Drosnin seems to spend a lot of time plugging things into his computer program just to se The topic is fascinating, but the writing is rather banal. In Aromaic and Greek which manuscripts are the ones we should use for counting the code etc.

Stopped halfway for being repetitive.

At one point, Drosnin seems to imply that alien beings with an advanced technology encoded the Bible for our benefit some 3, years ago, and that the Torah is itself a kind of super computer, a technology we do not yet have the power to comprehend and unlock fully. Must be because you need to “have some idea of what you’re looking for”, clearly.

But in reality it would be far more surprising to NOT be able to find such words and phrases, given the almost infinite permutations of the searches, and dozens of drownin have refuted the main premise of the “Bible Code. There was nothing in the book to convince me that the odds of finding such phrases in the Bible are very high.

The Bible Code

Para el autor es ganarse el loto. Dec 23, Skylar Burris rated it it was ok Shelves: Its proponents insist that, if the cose text in its original language is used, the words so discovered constitute a “hidden message” that was planted in the text by its authors and, by extension, a hidden message from God if the work is supposed to be divinely inspired.

This makes finding words somewhat easier than in a language that requires vowels by reducing the size of the word being looked for and increasing the odds of it being found randomly. He does the same thing – he’s very impressed that he found “Kennedy” crossing “president. The chapter notes which are written as block paragraphs and not referenced by number in the text are as long as the book’s primary content.


The Demise of Drosnin

Drosnin seems to spend a lot of time plugging things into his computer program just to see what will come up. Michael Alan Drosnin born January 31, is an American journalist and author, best known for his writings on the Bible codewhich is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew text of the Torah. I assure such readers there is fantastic information “hidden” in the Bible, but I do not think anything useful dgosnin revealed through ELS.

But the most important thing to gain f A very interesting idea.

Jan 04, Kristal rated it did not like it. Look at every 22nd letter. Lists with This Book.

The only redeeming quality is that it has dozens of pages that are mostly or entirely taken up with examples of this code, like a crossword puzzle. Also, more than “secret messages”, ths idea is that the Pentateuch is actually like the “program” used by God to do the whole creation, all that was, all that is, all that will be, so Allegedly, the Bible Code is able to predict all manner of events, ranging from the Nazi holocaust to Hiroshima to the assassination of presidents and prime ministers, and several Michael Drosnin, a reporter with Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, presents his investigative research of the discovery of an apparent code in the Bible.

Biblical Hebrew uses an abjad style alphabetwhich means that every character is a consonant. It also warns of a nuclear war triggered by an act of nuclear terrorism against Israel. Since the text of the Bible in t I didn’t go to the end in detail on this book.

Paperbackpages. The claim is that major historical events, both past and future, have been encoded within the Hebrew Bible. For concerns on copyright infringement please see: