This guide is intended for programmers who are new to Racket or new to some part of Racket. It assumes programming experience, so if you are new to. To get started with Racket, download it from the web page and install it. The Racket Guide starts with a tutorial on Racket basics, and then it describes the rest . The submodule name test is special, because DrRacket automatically runs a test submodule (if one is present) after running the enclosing module. In the above.

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This is an installation-specific listing. Running raco docs or Racket Documentation on Windows or Mac OS may open a different page with local and user-specific documentation, including documentation for installed packages. An Introduction to Racket with Pictures. Web Applications in Racket. Systems Programming with Racket. Package Management in Racket. The Racket Drawing Toolkit. The Racket Graphical Interface Toolkit. The Racket Foreign Interface. The Racket Documentation Tool.

The Racket Programming Environment.

How to Program Racket: How to Design Programs. How to Design Programs Languages. How to Design Programs Teachpacks.

Essentials of Programming Languages Language. Sprachebenen und Material zu Schreibe Dein Programm! Other Languages in the Racket Environment. The Typed Racket Guide. The Typed Racket Reference. The Heresy Programming Language.


Learning Racket #1: Introduction

The Reckless Racket Shell. The Hackett Programming Language.

How to Design Classes Languages. Barcode reader and writer. QR-Code Writer and Reader. A test coverage tool.

Learning Racket #1: Introduction

Files-viewer is a file manager plugin for DrRacket. Natural Language Password Generation. Bindings for the Portaudio portable sound library.

Generate Racket Code for Protocol Buffers. Quickscript, a scripting plugin for DrRacket. Script Plugin for DrRacket. Figure and Presentation Tools. Fast 1-D Haar Wavelet Transform. Build Snips from Picts. Virtual Playing Cards Library. A Sound Engine for Racket. Simple Authentication and Security Layer. Read and Write Portable Network Graphics. Read and Ttorial Photoshop Documents.

Racket File and Format Libraries. Pick lang at read-time. The Gnu Linear Programming Kit. Racket Language Test Engine.

Instrumentation to Show Function Calls. Taglib Bindings for Racket. Immutable Hash Array Mapped Tries. Functional Data Structures in Typed Racket. Algebraic Data Types for compilers. Algebraic Data Types for compilers: Data Modeling for Typed Racket. Freedom from Typed Racket. Tutoial support for Scribble.

Distributable shell scripts with dependencies. Progressive Picts and Slides. Short-hand accessors for struct fields. Track syntax-parse and syntax-case pattern vars.

Test Fixtures for RackUnit. Pure functions and promises. Type inference helper for map. Composable, Demand-Driven Incremental Computation. Filling in the Gaps. Lenses for Generic Collections.


Using AppVeyor with Racket Projects.

Functions for Reading and Writing Binary Data. Generating PDFs for book covers. Literate Programming Without Tangling. Credit Card Number Utilities. A calculus of mediated exchange cmx. Elementary Continued Fraction Arithmetic Package. Constraint-satisfaction problems and how to solve them. Building Distributions of Racket.

Data Structures Student Language. While loops for Racket. A binary encoding format. An environment variable manager. Fourier-Motzkin Elimination for Integer Systems.

Furtle – a library for turtles. Racket Generic Binding Forms. Racket Generic Graph Library. Help and Documentation Utilities. Making reader extensions hygienic. Utilities for Manipulating Directories. Infix Expressions for Racket. Interface-Oriented Programming for Classes. Referring to bits of JSON. Precious Metals Market Info.

A picture showing all the languages used to implement Racket. Bindings for the libgit2 git library. Bindings for the OpenAL sound library. Portable Serial Port Access. Bindings for XML Validation.

The Margrave Tool for Policy Analysis. Extra Utilities for match. Media File Metadata Utilities. Memoization with cache and finalization control. Polyvalent identifiers with multi-id. Spelling Numbers as English.