Salam Alaikum. Can any one help me with the transliteration of urdu tarjuma of dua e kumayl. We guys dont knoe how to read urdu so we want. Wilayat Mission features the english translation of Dua Kumail. Printer friendly PDF includes Arabic and transliteration. Click to download your. Imam Ali – Kumayl Ibn Ziyad Nakhai was a confidant amongst the companions of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as.) and this sublime Dua was first heard from the.

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Whose Name is the remedy for all ills and Whose remembrance is a sure cure for all ailments and obedience to Whom makes one self sufficient; have mercy on one whose only asset is hope and whose only armour is lamentation O’ Thou!

Transliteration of dua-e-kumayl – Theology and General Religion –

The practice of teaching and guiding Muslims in faith has been carried down for multiple generations. Other than Your acceptance of my excuse and Your entering me into the compass of Your mercy.

By Thy honour truly do I swear that, if Thou wilt allow my power of speech to be retained by me in the hell, I shall amongst its inmates cry out bewailingly unto Thee like the cry of those who have faith in Thy kindness and compassion And I shall bemoan for Thee for being deprived of nearness to Thee the lamentation of those who are bereaved, and I shall keep on calling unto Thee: So how can I endure the tribulations of the next world and the great ordeals that occur within it?

How can I remain in the fire while I have hopes of Thy forgiveness? And that You will place those who stubbornly resist therein forever. And not to hasten me to punishment for what I have done in private:. And make me one of the most excellent of Your slaves in Portion from You.

Who readily pleased, forgive one who owns nothing but supplication for Thou doest what Thou willest o’ Thou! O’ Thou who art the last hope and resort of those who acknowledge Thee and have faith in Thy clemency and kindness; o’ Thou who art the helper of those seeking help! Lastly, the view of universal determinism claims that the granting of a prayer is a direct result of terrestrial dispositions in accordance with celestial causes, thus through the laws of the macrocosm.


But You—holy are Your Names—hast sworn that You wilt fill it with the unbelievers, Both Jinn and men together, And that You wilt place those who stubbornly resist therein forever.

The Du’a is not an exclusively Shi’a dua, however, as none of its content is controversial transliteratoin Shi’a and Sunni schools of thought. Or how should the Fire cause him pain while he expects Your bounty and mercy? O Allah, I ask You with the asking of one whose indigence is translieration. Have mercy on the infirmity of my body, the delicacy of my skin and the brittleness of my bones O’ Thou!

Du’a Kumayl

You put into effect through me a decree in which I followed the caprice of my own soul. So how can I endure the tribulations of the next world and the great ordeals dha occur within it? I have wronged myself, And I have been audacious in my ignorance And I have depended upon Your ancient remembrance of me and Your favour toward me. Forgive every sin that I have committed and every error that I have erred O Allah!

Transliteratino it is the duty of all possessing the knowledge to pass it on, thus supplications were recorded for annual public occasions and inward prayer alike. Javascript is required to use this website translatorfree translator. Ali then advised Kumayl ibn Ziyad to recite this du’a on the eve of i.

Click to download PDF printer friendly version of the dua. O He, whose pleasure is quickly achieved!

Sign up for a new account in our community. Who perfecteth all bounties and Who wardeth off all misfortunes! O Allah, my Master and my Lord! O He whose Name is a remedy, And whose remembrance is a cure, And whose obedience is wealth! Or how should its flames burn him, while You hearest his voice and seest his place? O Master, so transilteration about me?! I beg Thee by Thy greatness to be compassionate to me in all circumstances and well disposed towards me in all matters My God!


I will lament to You from the midst of the Fire’s inhabitants with lamentation of the hopeful. And how many stumbles You hast prevented!


Nor has such been reported – thanks to Your bounty — concerning You. And calls to You with the tongue of those who profess Your Unity. And by the decision which You hast determined and imposed and through which You hast overcome him toward whom it has been put into effect. Posted October 18, And suppose that I am able to endure the heat of Your fire, How can I endure not gazing upon Your generosity? O’ Thou who knoweth my destitution and starvation, o’ my Lord!

Complete text of Du’a’ Kumayl in Arabic with Trasliteration and English Translation

The Psalms of Islam. How then can I bear the retributions and the punishments of the hereafter which are enormous and of intensive sufferings, of prolonged period and perpetual duration, and which shall never be alleviated for those who deserve the same as those retributions will be the result of Thy wrath; and Thy punishment which neither the heavens nor the earth can withstand and bear! My Lord, have mercy upon the weakness of my body, the thinness of my skin and the frailty of my bones.

And You— majestic is Your eulogy— said at the beginning and wernt gracious through kindness as a favour. O Allah, verily I ask You with the asking of a submissive, abased and lowly man to show me forbearance, to have mercy on me.

Owner of my bondage! So I ask You by the power You have apportioned.