Dwellings of the Philosophers by Fulcanelli and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at What’s your problem with Fulcanelli and The Hairy Pootter saga? Can you explain a little bit more? Personnaly, I see not problem reading HP. “Dwellings of the Philosophers” (Les Demeures Philosophales) was the second and the last known work of Fulcanelli as first published in

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However, by its very importance, this kind of chemistry is the most abstract and the most mysterious that exists. Heloise molded a dry and pedantic language so as to bring out the finesse of a dwwellings intelligence, the sufferings of the proudest and most tender of souls, the raptures of a desperate passion. Upon testing, we are surprised to see them break into several pieces under the shock of a mere drop ball. During the short moments of a creative thought, the best minds cannot succeed in applying and comparing all the great well-known facts.

We have just spoken of fire; and yet, we only envisage it in its common form and not in its spiritual essence, which introduces itself in bodies at the very moment of their appearance on the physical plane.

Lefebvre in two remarkable and much read articles published in June in The New Reviewdemolished the Neo-Latinism thesis from beginning to end by proving that Abbot Espagnolle in his book The Origin of French was indeed right; that our dwllings, as the greatest scholar of the 16th century had guessed, was Greek; that Roman domination in Gaul had only covered our language with a thin layer of 29 Latin, in no way altering its genius”.

Nobility and the upper middle class practiced it.

I only need to see the book title, author’s name or the covers for known if is a good book or crap. They show the path that must be followed, but He gives the strength for walking on it”. It is the stumbling block against which our chemists have tripped. A lamp filament becomes incandescent, the charcoal of a retort ignites, philosopheers most refractory metallic wire melts at once. It cannot therefore be denied that such a reaction has a profound non material cause, for we would not know how to explain without this impulse what other force would oblige crystalline particles to leave their fupcanelli inertia.

Such is the analogical truth that alchemy has tried to practice. And at that time, folk mentality, totally impregnated with oriental mysticism, was fond of riddles, symbolic veils, allegorical expressions. Ian Driscoll rated it really liked it Mar 22, The same implement can also be identified in agricultural scenes that form the subject of two carved misericords, coming from the stalls of the Abbey of Saint-Lucien near Beuvais 1.


Pedro Santos rated it it was ok Nov 29, It is in this manner that Blaise de Vigenere obtained benzoic acid by sublimating benzoin; that Brandt could extract phosphorus by seeking the alkahest in urine; that Basil Valentine, a prestigious Adept who did not despise spagyric experiments, established the entire series of antimonial salts and the colloid of ruby gold 2 ; that Raymond Lully prepared acetone, and Cassius the purple of gold; that Glauber obtained sodium sulphate and Van Helmont recognized the existence of gases.

The extension ceases, and the bar is restored to its original dimensions, then the experiment is begun again. Mystical like Fenelon, he resembles an effective and popular Bossuet, dwellinsg dominated his epoch by his speech and who commanded kings rather than praising or serving them.

The illustrious Chevreul knew how to read between the lines much of the information that had not been noticed before him.

The Dwellings of the Philosophers by Fulcanelli

If the sun were a globe of fire, as we are taught, it would be enough to approach it, even a little, to experience the effect of a growing heat. It is true that these processes are often incomplete and enveloped in mystery almost as dense as that of the Great Work. Therefore, we do not see why the Renaissance held a grudge against the Middle Ages and recorded its supposed literary shortcomings, so as to prohibit it and to throw it back into the chaos of new civilizations emerging from barbarism.

A lot of work is done in this direction which takes time and which leads to contradictory theories, destined to be forgotten”. Such is the name under which the sacred or priestly Art was hidden among the Arabs, who had inherited it from the Egyptians and which the medieval West was to receive later on with so much enthusiasm.

He stands next to two young people closely embracing. It is enough for us that his divinity be emphasized by his own emblems and announces itself as revealer of a secret teaching. Yet, it is not enough for the philosopher to only notice the elongation of an iron bar submitted to heat, he must know that metal under the influence of caloric radiations opens its pores, distends its molecules, and increases its surface and volume.

A calibrated steel bar is submitted to a continuous and progressive traction whose power is measured with the aid of a dynamograph.

  ELO 1939L PDF

The Dwellings of the Philosophers

Would it be possible to bring these men back to a less complicated conception of things, to guide these lost ones towards the light of spirituality which they are lacking? He interrupted me and continued: In the yearconscripts assigned to the 46th Infantry Regiment in garrison in Paris could every week meet a rather unusual professor crossing the courtyard of the Louis-Philippe barracks.

Olivier 4″in the indefinite fruitfulness of experience. Subterranean and secret fermentation which, as soon as night has come, fills the deep cellars with strange pulsations, emitted from ventilation grills in intermittent bursts, and climbs in sulphurous volutes to the top of the gables!

Bernard is sometimes brilliant and ffulcanelli, sometimes somber and moving. These men, tormented with a desire to search everywhere and to learn everything, are the true founders of a splendid and perfect science to which they bestowed accurate observations, exact reactions, skillful manipulations, and painfully acquired techniques.

And what wealth, what fecundity, what powerful faith, what trust in the future transpire beneath this desire to build, create, search, and discover in the midst of a full-fledged invasion in this miserable country of France submitted to foreign domination and which knows all the horrors of an dwel,ings war!

But what were they lacking, to be admired and to keep a constant influence on the ensuing literature? ewellings

This is why, if you knew it, you could communicate and disclose all your thoughts to animals, and animals to you all of theirs 27because it is the very language of Nature by which she makes herself understood by all animals. Anyway, this is what the word of God reveals in Genesis, when the Creator transmits a particle of His activity to creatures issued from His very substance.

Philosophesr formation of extremely unstable compounds, such as ddwellings trichloride, is equally inexplicable.

This literature probably exercised the human spirit more than it served it. It is an assemblage of anagrams and puns.

For, in spite of the warnings, the objurations of their authors, students persisted in reading them according to the meaning that they hold in ordinary language. Francois Myron, Parisian magistrate inthus wore one “of gules a round mirror”, Myre-rond 5.