This is an account of how an angry young man can cross the line that divides theoretical support for violence from a state of ‘killing rage’, in which the murder of . EAMON COLLINS, who met a violent death on a road at Newry, Co In the book Killing Rage, Mr Collins described in detail how he. Police at the scene of Eamon Collins’ murder Collins detailed his life in the IRA in the critically acclaimed book Killing Rage, which explained.

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I don’t believe that you felt bad; end of story. It isn’t even about naming or not naming major IRA players.

Over six years Collins killint many more murders. Collins has this deeper level of backtracking that just put me off. This is why I have a bookshelf. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Over people have died in Northern Ireland sinceand most of them have died at the hands of their neighbours. No trivia or quizzes yet. Eamon Collins was such a terrorist, scouting and planning for the IRA during the troubles in the s and s.


Refresh and try again. Some time ago you posted a link to a blog that was a recount of the same story: Collins apparently had a death wish. A thought-provoking glimpse into the psyche of the IRA movement told by an ex-IRA soldier, who in the end discovers he’s got more in common with his enemy than he could have had ever imagined.

In he appeared in an ITV television documentary entitled ‘Confession’, [16] giving an account of his disillusioning experiences and a collins insight into Irish paramilitarism.

Mar 07, Simon G rated it did not like it. Provisional Irish Republican Army. It’s very difficult to honestly investigate our motivations and actions as our beliefs change, and this book does it better than any other I’ve read. This one is the most disturbing and probably one of the most important ones to read.


Eamon Collins murder: police arrest man in South Armagh

The writing was not the best and the story itself was not extremely gripping. Collins joined the Provisional IRA during the blanket protest by Long Kesh inmates in the late s, which sought Special Category Status for republican prisoners, and he became involved in street demonstrations at this time. This is the autobiography of Eamon Collins, a former I. Eamon Collins saw the light after six years of planning death and mayhem. An Apprenticeship in Violence. Are you getting a full account or only a partial one?

He had received repeated death threats from republicans and it is believed Provisional IRA members from south Armagh murdered him. A Sort of Republican. I found reading back up info regarding the author on-line helped to see a complete picture of a truly despicable person. He goes on to explain what he did during his time with the IRA and those that he met in their ranks.

He would have us believe that he and only he, Ea I was very disappointed with this book. I don’t think it’s working. But it seemed like the period through which he was still involved and eamln very disenchanted with it went on forever and I kept wishing he would just get out.

Ultimately I found it very interesting to consider how one man’s decisions lead him to a fate he could not escape. Jan 29, Karen Garrett rated it liked it.

Eamon Collins – Wikipedia

He decided to take his chances at trial. Not much of a man in my book. Very in-depth look at the IRA death squads from a man who used to be in them and was assassinated for speaking out against their terrorism.


Around this time he married Bernadette, with whom he subsequently had four children. It makes compelling reading and is a truly fascinating insight into not only the workings of the IRA, but the terrorist mind-set in general.

Killing Rage

I have an acquaintance who insists I’ve been brainwashed by being an army brat. Also a bit disturbing when detailing his indecision on whether what he’s doing is right, wrong, and he simply doesn’t seem to care to make the choice.

He walked free from Belfast crown court after the judge dismissed his alleged confessions. The reader gets the feeling of receiving a full account, but Collins hinted in interviews that this was only a sample of what he got up to. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Killing Rage – Eamon Collins, Mick McGovern – Google Books

Very, very interesting look at the internal workings of the IRA and the author’s doubts and criticisms of the organisation. End of a Fairy Tale. Having read “Bandit Country’, it’s interesting to read a book by one of the bandits.

In reality Collins went from being a soldier to a whining sniveler who ratted out his comrades. That decision may have sealed his fate. Collins was arrested in and charged with 50 terrorist offences including five murders and membership of the IRA. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.