PDF | The main objective of the presented study was to compare the effectiveness of two standard test procedures for evaluating bus roof. he main objective of the presented study was to compare the effectiveness of two standard test procedures for evaluating bus roof integrity: the dynamic rollover. EUROPEAN TEST METHODS FOR SUPERSTRUCTURES. OF BUSES AND COACHES. RELATED TO. ECE R66 (THE APPLIED HUNGARIAN CALCULATION.

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Residual space Process Methodology Below option was selected for appro proval and fce with test agency. The active load shall be increased by small incremental steps and the whole structural deformation shall be calculated at every loading step.

According to the approval test method chosen by the manufacturer, appropriate test pieces shall be submitted to the technical service upon its request. That the tests were carried out according to this Annex 6. Strength of the superstru tructure of large passenger vehicles. Penalties for Non-conformity of Production 9.

They investigated on victims with re regard to injury outcomes, mechanisms, and poss ossible injury reduction for occupants when using a safety belelt. Each steered wheel shall be set to its straight-ahead steer position. Multibody Analysis of M3 Bus Rollover: There is no significant change in mass distribution and centre of gravity positions. The vehicle centre of gravity position determination was studied and calculated. Units of Measurement The units of measurement shall be: For all the super structure parts, QEPH formu mulation with 5 point integration was assigned.

The individual load-cell readings shall be noted simultaneously and shall be used to check the total vehicle mass and centre of gravity position. China Standards Publishing House, The construction of the tested body sections dimensions, materials, masses, centre of gravity position, construction methods.

The survival space of the cab was proved to be sufficient for the safety of r6 driver. The Administrative Department may then either, 6.


The Study of Bus Superstructure Strength Based on ECE R66

The tilting platform shall be constructed to prevent the vehicle moving along its longitudinal axis. Further detailed documentation, parameters, data depending on the approval test method chosen by the manufacturer, as detailed in Annex 5, Annex 6, Annex 7, Annex 8 and Annex 9. Customer Benefit The number of physical tests necessary to prove the concept was significantly reduced by performing the simulations for the bus rollover.

The test report shall contain all the data pictures, records, drawings, measured values, etc. The publish of weapon industry,in Chinese. Height Width Edge radius Length shall not be greater than two-thirds of the distance between the surface on which the vehicle stands before it is tilted and part of the rim of the wheel which is nearest to the surface 20 mm 10 mm mm minimum; 1.

Unladen eece mass kg: A drawing showing the mathematical model of the superstructure, 5. This means, the vehicle including g all its structural parts, members and panels and all projec jecting rigid parts such as luggage racks, on-the roo roof ventilation equipment, should not intrude inside the Res esidual r6.

A literature analysis with special focus on injury inj causation and injury mechanisms, Accident Analysis and Prevention 37, — G of the bus and testing of critical bus body joints ints and subsequent approval. The number of loading steps shall exceed and the steps shall be quasi-equal.

A statement of the total energy E to be absorbed by the superstructure, using the formula stated in Paragraph fce. NET Our online subscription service, offering immediate access to our extensive library of global vehicle regulations, standards and legislation. At the beginning of the simulation the load application plane shall touch the cantrail at its most distant part from the vertical longitudinal central plane. The ecr scenario of an amphibious bus according to ee ECE. A study by Pearce et al.

The maximum length of a bay is defined by the length of the two neighbouring window door frames where: Each steered wheel shall be set to its straight-ahead position.


An average Element edge length gth of 10 mm is maintained in the critical regions and 30mm m in the g66 regions. Requirements The superstructure of the vehicle shall have the sufficient strength to ensure that the residual space during and after the roll-over test on complete vehicle is unharmed.

The lateral eccentricity of the centre of gravity and its effect on the reference energy in the unstable, starting position of the vehicle, see Paragraph 3. The explicit finite element program Ls-Dyna was used to verify the roof strength and rear wall strength.

Also, a rollover can cause up to r666 rotatio tions to occur on the road. Roll-over test on body sections which are representative of the complete vehicle, in accordance with the specifications of Annex 6.

Rollover Analysis of Bus Body Structure as Per AIS /ECE R66 | Maej Masnora –

The energy absorption including to the total deformation of the frontal cabin were evaluated. In cooperation with the customer, various design variants were analyzed based on the results of the simulations until compliance with the ECE.

For design of truck cabin, the survival space must be guaranteed for the safety for driver and front seat passenger in event of crash, which is the legal requirement described in ECE-R29 regulation. All the different bay configurations which are part of the superstructure shall be tested in at least one body section; 3.

Contracting Parties applying this Regulation shall not refuse to d66 extensions of approval to the preceding series of amendments to this Regulation. Quasi-static loading tests of body sections in accordance with the specifications of Annex 7.