These SDH units connect end user equipment to the i Competitive Intelligence Marconi Partner Confidential – Not for external disclosure ECI. ECI Telecom receives $3 Million Optical Equipment Order from the Finnish Defense Forces; ECI supplies SDH and optical solutions to the FDF. This is a legal agreement between you, the end user, and ECI Telecom Ltd. (“ECI information in an environment with SDH equipment from different.

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Marketing and Advertising Department. The company designs, develops, manufactures, markets and supports end-to-end digital telecommunications equipment for providing today’s new services and converging networks.

Both traditional concentration on customers’ needs and high quality of the equipment manufactured, help service carriers to maximize its revenues for network operation, increase capacity, improve quality of services and enable new-revenue producing services which are on the great demand. Second section – service section – consists of several regional sales and support offices located around the world.

They are responsible for equipment and services offered by the first section – their promotion and support. ECI equip,ents with all largest international communication service carriers. ECI Telecom’s equipment supports traffic in more than networks in over countries, it proves that ECI participates literally in all international telephone calls.

ECI Telecom

Sections mentioned sdj provide absolutely full support for ECI’s clients from network planning to equipment installation and operation. Such company structure is intended to reaching of the maximum concentration on the production of the equipment as well as on corresponding to customers’ financial and technical needs. With more than 12 years of experience in optical networking worldwide, ECI Telecom offers advanced optical platforms that combine instant provisioning with on-demand network scalability.

DAXT is a single platform optical and digital bandwidth management solution, which lays the foundation for data centric services, while maintaining current architectures. Veraz Networks – soft-switch based toll-quality packet telephony solutions Veraz Networks euipments a leading global provider of soft-switch based, toll-quality packet telephony solutions for equipmehts and next generation communications networks.

Its equipment supports over 21 billion minutes of telephony traffic per month with outstanding quality and reliability. Built on rich carrier class experience, Veraz offers complete solutions to both established and green-field carriers equkpments through its softswitch, media gateway and digital compression products. Its solutions address a wide range of carrier applications such as tandem switching, domestic and international long distance, IP trunking, IP Centrex, as well as new voice-data services.


Qeuipments so that to gain great success and prosperity within such a strong market competition telecom equipment manufacturer should have progressive advanced high-quality technical solutions eck offer. ECI’s experience, leading technologies and orientation to customers’ needs represent an ideal combination which allows to develop and produce high-technology telecom equipment of different types for already tens of years.

ECI’s equipment is constantly on a great demand around the world. ECI Telecom is always in support of the future investments to the existing networks that helps telecom providers to achieve unexampled business results together with the tremendous money, designed for building up and operation of the new networks, saving and increasing of benefits. Max networks availability and reliability.

Reasonably low cost of equipment technical support. In-time and effective services. Offices of clients’ support around the world. Compliance with ISO Standards. Individual approach to each customer. ECI Telecom considers Russian telecommunications market as one of the most perspective and dynamically developing in the world.

Office of the Russian company is situated in Moscow. The main goal for ECI Telecom is promotion of the telecommunication equipment with “ECI” trademark on the Euipments market and improvement of the customers’ technical support. Another, equipmwnts less important, goal is providing clients with appropriate technical training.

Russian Representation has highly professional, well-educated staff. ECI Telecom express confidence and big expectations that New Millenium will intensify existing relations with Russian telecommunications companies, and they become more stable, active and mutually beneficial. With the drastic growth of compound networks planning turns to be of vital necessity.

LLC “ECI Telecom” has highly skilled staff that can plan any network, even networks of great complexity, according to customers’ needs. Our experts can plan new networks and make a special technical offer for existing network ramp up taking into account all the possible variants of network operation, as well. Project Management Department is responsible for timely equipment delivery to customers.

A project manager is assigned immediately after a customer and ECI Telecom sign a contract for equipment supply. This ensures consistent coordination of all planning, implementation and technical issues.

Depending on customer needs, the scope of the ECI’s responsibility for a network can equuipments from serving as an equipment supplier only to comprehensive planning, supply, implementation and support equipnents well. Presence of the storehouse within the Moscow office equipmdnts to deliver certain equipment more quickly than used to be.


Usage of this equipment gives an outstanding opportunity for more flexible and maximum efficiency operation of the communications lines connecting telephone stations, increasing their capacity, maximizing reliability.

STM-1, STM-4, STM, STM SDH Multiplexers | Valiant Communications

SDH multiplexers provides audio equip,ents video transmission. In Russia SDH equipment is installed and successfully works in the following enterprises: Company offers to its clients equipment of xTX family, namely:. This equipment is designed for providing voice, fax and modem compression, and data transmission through interface V. Enables provisioning of wide-ranging services: I-Master system is one of the powerful business application in the world, which allows to perform management and administration of all card applications.

Peculiarities of xTXfamily equipment: ECI Telecom’s principal missions are installation, support and certain equipment repair. There is a skilled team of technicians who is responsible for hours clients’ technical support.

In addition to the mentioned above, in emergency case one can equpments a hot line number and get a full explanation and recommendations on what to do so that to solve the current problem. The company’s field engineers perform the following services: Depending on the clients’ needs, the Field Engineering Group can either provide full installation services or guide the personnel through the installation process.

Regardless of location, climate or terrain, Field Engineers provide their services quickly, efficiently and effectively. ECI Telecom’s Russia main objective is supplying customers with modern productive equipment and timely services. That is why communication services carriers get the equipmengs to quickly respond to their customers’ needs and receive more profits. ECI Telecom, Russia organizes training courses on different equipment types for own customers.

Training is being held by the experienced specialists. There is a show-room, where one can see different types of the equipment.

After course completion, everyone gets an official certificate permitting to operate certain equipment type. Technical Documentation Department is responsible for preparation, translation, printing of the ad technical materials and manuals on equipment installation, operation and support.

Marketing and advertising department constantly issues and publishes in mass media information on corporate news, innovative technological solutions, contracts being signed, completion of the equipment installation and commissioning etc. Marketing and advertising department activity results: Company offers to its clients equipment of xTX family, namely: