Eder Chiodetto has a Masters in Communication and Arts from the University of Sao Paulo (USP). He is an independent curator of photography and video. Eder Chiodetto. The Brazilian nation arose based on a complex blend of peoples and cultures. Due to historical circumstances, every Brazilian is a multifaceted. 6 results for Books: “Eder Chiodetto”. Product Details German Lorca (Em Portugues do Brasil). Jan 1, by Eder Chiodetto (Org.).

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Our fragility facing life. Of course I have never lied to them, but I feel like being fhiodetto of them anyway. They give me knowledge.

Eder Chiodetto | Prix Pictet | The global award in photography and sustainability

It was a week-long course and he taught me all the technical aspects of photography. I want to photograph that! It is the fragility of holding on to something. Something that had impressed me a lot, was when I was 23 years old and decided to follow the Santiago Path in Spain.

We are just on different paths. My research on the Penitents is going to be over one day. Today I am a photographer and have left all the rest behind. This site uses cookies. I returned chioddtto sure chiodstto Law was not for me. What it is being born, living, dying? I believe in reincarnation, I believe we are all just spending some time here, but the true place is in the afterlife. Chioderto walked all km in 37 days and when I got back I was deeply changed. Today I like to see it as the naive exer I had that time.


Editing and aesthetics helped the majority of time for people not knowing which religion the picture was about. I am Kardecist now, but I was a Catholic before.

Eder Chiodetto

In a vertiginous flow, the light, color, texture and movement becomes an emphatic representation of the Divine, the Transcendent. While others used to study m ath, I was studying arts. My evolution from a documentarian to an artist happened when I started being more integrated with groups.

Some of choodetto pilgrims believed that Juazeiro is the New Jerusalem and that the world will end there. When I am with the Penitents I am part of the group. I had the same duties and privileges,I just would not be covered by their clothes. I intend to keep doing that. I have him on photos and videos.

It is trying to do your best. It gives me spiritual strength. Today I see all the religions as one. They beat themselves very hard, losing a lot of blood.


When he orders someone to stop, he or she obeys him blindly. You are commenting using your WordPress. During law school, photography was parallel to it. For that, the act of chioodetto leaves the door to chance consciously open.

It leaves behind its one-way documenting to being the legitimate and dialogic of one encounter with the other, the unnamable with the Divine.

Well, at least that was what the media was portraying, and it interested me a great deal, for that is also religious from my point of view. I photograph him every year.

The object becomes a mirror.

There is a group in Sergipe that was the only one to wear a crown of thorns. My research is developing: I hciodetto hours of interviews.