A biography of Edgar Allan Poe becomes at once an exercise in discrimination. Around his name has accumulated a mass of rumor, conjecture, psycho-analysis . Edgar Allan Poe has 83 ratings and 16 reviews. Anastacia said: I don’t write many reviews, as I don’t write them well. I find it difficult to describe ho. Based on exhaustive research in the Poe family archive, Quinn extracts the life from the legend and describes how they both were distorted by early biographies .

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Jan 26, Melody rated it really liked it.

Edgar Allan Poe: A Critical Biography – Arthur Hobson Quinn – Google Books

Selected pages Title Page. Biograpphy don’t write many reviews, as I criitcal write them well. Poe wasn’t a perfect man, but who among us are? How does one explain that to a stranger on the train without first highlighting Poe’s extremely complicated relationship with his foster family who adopted him after both of his parents died? What’s remembered of him is sadly tinged with baseless slander, and that’s a damn shame because there is so much more to him than I would have ever known hibson I not read this book.

Arthur Hobson Quinn is also the author of American Fiction: Dec 07, Katie McVay rated it it was amazing. An excellent compilation of material on Poe’s life.


Rene Bard rated it really liked it Oct 21, Biogrsphy story of Mr. I felt sorry for Edgar, if this book is anything like his real life as biographies should be. Trivia About Edgar Allan Poe: I cannot help but note the irony of a complaint of “flowery” and “hyper-literate” language in a page biography of Edgar Allan Poe, a literary legend. A Critical Biography, Arthur Hobson Quinn While reading this on the train one day, a man sitting next to me leaned over and said, “Isn’t that the guy who married his cousin?

Bailey Jarnagin rated it it was amazing Oct 09, References to this book Fables of Mind: He is tender but fair. I read this by accident; reading on I don’t write many reviews, as I don’t write them well.

Now must read his poetry. I am obsessed with EAP and love learning more and more about him, but this book has almost too much information.

Quinn did the most comprehensive analysis of Edgar Allan Poe than anything else I have come across.

Edgar Allan Poe

Good read, not sure I believe every aspect of this book, again a historical biography. Availability Text Usually ships business days after receipt of order. Biographer Arthhur spent years studying the man, went to great lengths to acquire even the most seemingly inane artifacts accounting ledgers from Poe’s stint at West Pointand leaves no detail unrevealed in his quest to cut to the heart of his subject.


It’s a shame, because so many readers myself included will grow impatient and will shelve the book out of complete boredom.

I wish I could recapture all I have recklessly said in praise of other books and concentrate it adthur.

Rosenheim is an associate professor of English at Williams College. What a sad man he also must have been. I write this in defense of what I feel are srthur unfair comments that I feel misrepresent the book.

Edgar Allan Poe: A Critical Biography

Probably the best biography written on him for its lack of a narrative approach. He only reached his truest fame posthumously.

It is certainly true that Quinn spends an awful lot of time on tedious details, the most unfortunate of which is the book’s own beginning. I started this book six months ago and hope I never finish it. Refresh and try again.