La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional: Juan Cassasus: Books – La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional. Front Cover. Juan Casassus. Ediciones Castillo S.A. De C.V., – Education – pages. La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional (Spanish) Paperback – Import, 1 Apr by Juan Cassasus (Author). Be the first to review .

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When Richardson was 12 years old, her father taught her to fly and flying stunts, a skill he learned serving in WWII. He concludes the interview with the importance of being proud of his Latino heritage. He asked sfr to be able to help the family by bringing them some food. She met a lady while gathering water that knew her grandfather and she told her mother that her grandfather was very ill and needed her mother to go see him.

According to the author p. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. InBrother Martin attended a workshop for creation-centered spirituality which emphasized the importance of slowing down to watch and appreciate the spirituality and reverence of nature.

She then shares the details of her childhood, which she describes as lovely, and compares it with the childhood of her children who live in the United States. There are many factors that characterize the abandonment of the profession, including: While he felt ashamed casasssus being Mexican upon first coming to Oregon, he says he does not juah this way now.

As translators, they say that they are not allowed to give advice to clients whatsoever. At this time, there were few Hispanic families residing in Yamhill County, most families came csaassus seasonal work in the fields before moving on.


Independence, Jefferson, Salem, y a Dayton con el fin de construir congregaciones. Ella da su perspectiva sobre las interacciones entre la comunidad latina y otras comunidades en Madras, incluyendo sus experiencias con racismo en la escuela.

They worked in the fields; her mother in the kitchen devoting her time to the family. He also recalls assembling a bicycle from scavenged parts with his friends, a bicycle he jjuan probably lacked brakes, but on which he and his friends had fun nonetheless.

At the end of the interview, Reid talks about her plans and dreams for the future. Deciding he was not an intellectual, he joined the Trappist monastery in New Mexico some years later inat the age of twenty-seven.

He considers himself a rich man for having two different cultures. Todos ayudaron con los cimientos y pintando. Arredondo then shares his views on the relationship between the Latino community and the Anglo community, and racist comments he has heard. Trivia About La Educacion Del He explains how he and his family immigrated to the United States and although they were initially sent back to Mexico, they tried again to cross the border and succeeded.

They both gave notice at their jobs in Los Angeles and came to Oregon with no jobs lined up upon arrival. He retired in and continues to be active in his community.

La Educacion Del Ser Emocional

She then shares her experiences using the public library and what she has learned by reading many books. Being healthy means being permanently active in the environment in which he lives, maintaining, modifying, creating everything in accordance with their aspirations for a better life-personal and community health. They waited a month for their mail before learning that they needed to get a P.


Growing up, the family often moved in search of jobs. Inhe met his future wife. Arredondo goes on to share that he had to interpret for his parents both during teacher conferences and when his parents went to the clinic.

Gala Merino Sánchez | University of Salamanca –

She recalls that her grandparents met in Arizona, her grandfather worked as a coal miner and was a loving and devoted father emicional ten children and he was a wonderful grandfather. Ella obtuvo su GED certificado de escuela secundaria de ‘Chemeketa Community College’ y luego su licenciatura en ciencias y certificado de maestra en el de ‘Western Oregon University.

Manny recounts that working the fields was physically demanding, the back often starting to ache quickly owing to the hunched positions required for picking crops.

Based on this understanding, the authors propose the following schema, emlcional the inter relationship between self-concept SCself-image SI and self-esteem SE. Arredondo expresses his thoughts about the importance of Spanish as a language and how it has changed over the generations. Mexicans, Blacks, Greeks, Italians, and Chinese all had separate education designations. Paz returns to the theme of work talking about how bosses treat migrant workers.

He then shares his experiences with the Catholic faith and his other cassasus experiences.