Next Generation School Management System EduSwift School Management System For more information contact: [email protected] School Management System ABOUT EduSwift Education system outlines the backbone of every nation. Technology can play a very crucial role in streamlining . Elegant MicroWeb invites Liferay Developers having experience of more than 1 year for its upcoming projects. Best in the industry.

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Technology can play a very crucial role in streamlining the whole system of education. Exploring the technological approach to education, streamlining education process and spiraling acquaintance amongst students, staff, parents and management becomes essential for today’s fast growing educational environment. Today’s schools need to manage more information than eduswict before. Without a solid internal infrastructure for teachers, administrators and departments to share data, critical school and student information can be lost, or worse communicated incorrectly leading to a host of problems that can affect your school’s image and endurance.

To remain competitive, school needs a simple solution that can run individual functions, connect their entire operation, schokl the web as a key communication tool and simplify day-to-day operational responsibilities, giving staff more time with students. EduSwift automates various scheduling activities of a school and optimizes the use of premium resources. Concerned authorities can now easily and seamlessly use the system to create timetables, otherwise a time consuming and tedious task.

The solution, an open source system providing Web based interface, has been especially designed considering the challenges schools come across. Some of these challenges are low cost of ownership, mediocre IT infrastructure, skill set level requirements, resource optimization, parent-student-teacher community interaction, security, and stability.

Emphasis has been given on easy-to-use interfaces.

The menu-driven screens have detailed explanations and offer several options. The users need managemdnt be programmers or database experts to benefit from this system. In addition to automating creation of timetables, a school can use the application to computerize various other activities such as the examinations process, grading system, fee payment, student attendance, library usage, and news and event management.

The application also provides Web based interaction facility to parents, teachers, and students 2. EduSwift is capable of growing with the school, both in terms of slow managed growth and sudden change.

Next Generation. School Management System. EduSwift. School Management System.

EduSwift has been designed from the beginning to scale from a single server machine running all the components up to a system involving clustered components and distributed access from a worldwide basis. Scalability Scalability also requires reliability. EduSwift sschool capable of dealing gracefully with errors, not stopping at the first sign of trouble. Additionally, it is easy to separately monitor the presence and performance of each component of the system, in order that support staff can identify and deal with any errors or overload that does occur.


Reliability Security is also highly important for any systems. The disadvantage of making it easy to find school information is that it also makes it easy for this information to fall into the wrong hands.

Defined security lines are implemented right from the beginning of EduSwift. EduSwift has the manayement of user permissions. Passwords are stored in the database using a standard encryption algorithm.

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For more information contact: Do you feel wedged in regular chores like. Eduflex is elegant in its operational concept of a Service Oriented Approach. The distributed and synchronized data provides the source of information needed for student, parent, staff and.

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