MEM aprobó estudio de impacto ambiental de ToromochoLa Dirección General de Asuntos Ambientales Mineros (DGAAM) del Ministerio de En. While Chinalco had paid $ million for Toromocho, it expected to produce .. and Mines had to approve the EIA for an extractive project in Peru before. Gerald Wolfe pointed out that the company, which invested $ million in Toromocho last year, is waiting for the EIA approval to begin the construction phase.

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These samples were thought to be representative of the core of the IMC proposed pit area.

The Low Grade Leach Stockpile is intrusive hosted material that could be leached or milled. In summary, some of the historic low concentrate grades were apparently caused by the presence of talc or talc like minerals within the deposit. The drill holes were sampled by splitting the core with subsequent preparation of samples for assay. Within the PCI Holes, every interval was assayed for total copper and occasional additional metals.

This report is in metric units. This Technical Report summarizes the prefeasibility study. Bulk samples were collected for assays and metallurgical tests during the Cerro de Pasco and Centromin time frames. Mine operating costs vary substantially by year depending on the haulage distance and the amount of material hauled to each destination.

The sample preparation of the Old Holes by Cerro de Pasco and Centromin is unknown to IMC other than a finely ground pulp was prepared from split drill core. For the most part copper recoveries were also very similar.

Property constraints provided by PCI personnel were toromocno respected in the design of the open pit. CMC is added to the 2 nd and 3 rd cleaner stages and depresses molybdenite along with the talc.


Toromocho Project Technical Report dated March 22,

Conventional froth flotation on the composites yielded generally low grade concentrates with low copper recoveries. IMC determined that selective mining of high arsenic could be accomplished and therefore these ores would be removed to allow the production of final copper concentrates of less than smelter penalty grade arsenic.

Hunt indicated that the segregation of eka and magnetite skarn from the generic calc-silicate assemblage could improve the reliability of block grade estimation.

Kuhn has made multiple site visits and has been responsible for coordination of the metallurgical testing completed in Peru and elsewhere. Some enargite has been found in the highest part of Toromocho, usually in high grade veins, with an general east northeast trend, but it is not present in most of the orebody. An abbreviated summary of the historical data is presented in Table The Toromocho deposit is a porphyry copper deposit with the mineralization hosted in both intrusives and contact metamorphic units.

The information on project history has been excerpted from the Toromocho Information Memorandum from Centromin in and from the Kaiser feasibility study of The calculated increase in global copper recovery, when using the new ore distributions by rock type, is heavily influence by the high percentage of ore contained in the I and SB rock types.

AfterCerro de Pasco geologists initiated an angle drill hole from the top of San Francisco peak that found oxidized material, but did not tromocho the main deposit. The resulting mill feed schedule including the rehandle of the low grade mill ore stockpile is summarized on Table Molybdenum and arsenic assays for this series are believed to be incorrect and are being repeated. Mine Plan and Mine Costs. Average of final 3 cycles. Execution of the items laid out in the option agreement will result in the go ahead for toromochi production.


The data verification, block model, mine plan, mine capital and toro,ocho costs, and the mineral reserves and resources were the responsibility of IMC.

The current understanding of the Centromin and Cerro de Pasco procedures for Old Holes is as follows. The presence of these naturally floatable silicate minerals in the concentrate contributes to lower concentrate grades. Mineral Resources in Addition to Reserves.

| Minera Chinalco Perú – Proyecto Toromocho

The ability to depress zinc will be dependent on the zinc mineralogy and liberation size. CNI to develop a wire frame model of the rock types based on the interpreted cross sections.

However, the resource floating cone was not constrained by the national highway or by surface ownerships that PCI believes eja be acquired in the future. Densities are assigned based on the leach cap surface.

Toromocho mine

The resource categories of measured, indicated and inferred are shown on the table. Old Data is Conservative.

A best practice for economic evaluation of the Toromocho deposit should consider the affect of differing rock types as a function of metallurgical performance and mining schedule.

PCI is currently assessing the total amount of high talc skarn material in the mineable reserve. Project operating costs are broadly summarized as follows: Settling rates for final concentrate thickener sizing. Many shorter intervals are apparent in the Old Holes. The cutoff grades used for mill ore were established to maximize project return on investment.