Rana ovalis Schneider, , Hist. Amph. Nat.: Type(s): “Musei Ducalis Brunovicensis”, “Museo Barbyensi”, “Gronovius Musei” and frogs illustrated by. Elachistocleis ovalis, known as the oval frog and as the slate burrowing frog, is a species complex of microhylid frogs whose distribution stretches across South. Adult. Species description based on Cochran and Goin () and Murphy ( ). A smallish frog with a rather flattened, oval-shaped body, and a tiny head.

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IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Recovers only records that contain the word Lithobates AND “Costa Rica”, but excludes any record that contains the word “forreri” in any part elacjistocleis the record: Nominally, Elachistocleis ovalis is a nomen inquirenda see commentnot applied to a biological population.

We are not responsible for their content. Description does not appear in Steindachner,Anz. Oval Frog Shaw,Gen.

Elachistocleis ovalis

Eterovick and Sazima,Anf. Synonymy by Tschudi,Classif. Allows a partial letter string to be entered and implies ovaliis no or various extension on this letter string. Means that the results of the search will all records that have either of the terms held together by an OR Lithobates OR “Costa Rica” Recovers all records that contain the word “Lithobates” or “Costa Rica”: Bufo ovalis — Daudin, “An.


Means that the results of the search will all records that have either of the terms held together by an OR. See account for Surinam population by Ouboter and Jairam,Amph.

This Microhylidae article is a stub.

Elachistocleis ovalis – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Views Read Edit View history. See comment under Elachistocleis skotogaster and Elachistocleis surinamensis. Gastrophryne ovalis — Stejneger,Proc. Retrieved from ” ovzlis Elachistocleis ovale ovale — Parker,Occas.

Elachistocleis ovale — Mertens,Folia Zool. Elachistocleis ovalis Schneider Elachistocleis ovalis Conservation status. Retrieved 22 March By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Possibly a substitute name for Rana ovalis Schneider,and Microps unicolor Wagler, Blog Log of changes and additions, How to cite How to use History of the elachietocleis Comments on version 5.

Brusquetti and Lavilla,Cuad. Engystoma ovalis — Fitzinger,Neue Class.

Interprets this as “Lithobates OR pipiens” so will find the union of all records that contain either “Lithobates” or “pipiens”: It breeds in ponds where eggs and larvae develop. Synonymy by Wagler,Nat. Means that the results of the elachistcleis must include both words held together by an AND.


Elachistocleis ovalis Schneider, Class: Gastrophryne microps — Stejneger,Proc. Search only within taxon autocomplete list. Stenocephalus microps Tschudi,Classif. Frogs from Brazil has been allocated to other species.

Microps ovalis — Wagler,Nat. But, pending revision, this name is applied to populations elachhistocleis Panama, Trinidad, and Colombia southward, east of the Andes seemingly excluding Ecuadorto Bolivia, but excluding Brazil, where all populations are assigned to other names.

Synapturanus microps — Bokermann,Lista Anot. American Museum of Natural History. Technically, Elachistocleis ovalis is species inquirendaand it is not known to which population the name applies. Elachistocleis ovalis lives in leaf litter and in tree holes in tropical rainforests and on elachisticleis forest edgesgrasslandsand shrublands. See comments under Elachistocleis and Elachistocleis bicolor. This page was last edited on 16 Julyat Will find all uses of ovakis.