Elsinoë mangiferae Bitanc. & Jenkins, Arquivos do Instituto Biológico de São Paulo () [MB#]. Species of Elsinoë are phytopathogens causing scab and spot Notes: Elsinoë mangiferae was described by Bitancourt & Jenkins () as. mango scab. Elsinoe mangiferae Bitancourt & Jenk. About This Subject · View Images Details · View Images. 0 Images. Search.

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The scale bar represents 90 nucleotide changes. The strain CBS The status of family Myriangiaceae Dothideomycetes Phytotaxa.

Lily Eurwilaichitr and Dr. Gomez holotype of E. The symptoms of mango scab vary depending on the factors such as the part of the plant that is affected, age of tissue, inoculum potential, water and mineral nutrition.

Named after the host genus from which it was collected, Citrus. Poinsettia scab, a new report for Puerto Rico. Notes on Ascomycete systematics.

Nelson holotype BPI Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Ciccarone ex-type culture CBS Wakefield culture CBS Conidia hyaline, aseptate, ellipsoid, with obtuse apex, constricted at the base to a subtruncate locus, 3. Molecular Biology and Evolution. In addition, the LSU region fails to distinguish E. Please review our privacy policy.


As scabs develop they consist of scar tissue with a central scab which can, in some cases, be lifted off. Phylograms were viewed using FigTree v. Symptoms include small, rounded or slightly irregular leaf spots, torn when larger, causing deformations, 0. Although treated as synonymous in literature, this has never been proven, and the Brazilian isolate treated here very likely represents a distinct species — a conjecture requiring recollecting the fungus on F.

Elsinoë – Wikipedia

Spots on fruits can vary in colour from white to pale yellow brown, to brown in the centre and surrounded by a dark red margin. Alysidiella Fusculina and Phlogicylindrium genera nova with notes on some other poorly known taxa. Acervuli or sporodochia subepidermal, pseudoparenchymatous. Leaves often appear distorted due to elsinooe effects of marginal or edge lesions and other lesions on the growth and expansion of the leaf.

USAfrom Annona sp. Few of the symptoms can be mistakenly confused with insect injury or infection from other disease like mango anthracnose.

Elsinoë mangiferae

The asexual morph of this fungus has hyaline, ellipsoid, ovoid to subglobose conidia, 2—3. JStor Plant Science; Italy: Denman culture CBS Outline of Ascomycota Our analyses mangiffrae that strain CBS Increased application schedules are recommended in moist climates and seasons. IndiaVithalwadi, Poona, on Pongamia pinnata2 Jan. Jenkins culture ex-isotype of Sphaceloma fawcettii var.


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Botanischen Institut zu Buitenzorg; Batavia: Laviola ex-type culture of Sphaceloma quercus-ilicisCBS Identifying and naming plant-pathogenic fungi: Sphaceloma de Bary, Ann. Fungal pathogens of weeds collected in the Brazilian tropics and subtropics and their biological control potential. Novas especies de Sphaceloma sobre Terminalia e Genipa. Molecular and pathogenicity characterization of Sphaceloma manihoticola isolates from South-Central Manyiferae.

Run Zhang 1 and Dr. We therefore designate this collection CBS The morphological distinction, even if unsupported by molecular analysis, is regarded here as sufficient to allow the proposal of the new species E.

Other symptoms on leaves are lesions with central scabs and numerous mabgiferae lesions about 0.