Embryogenese somatique du cocotier (Cocos nucifera L.) a partir d’explants foliares: etude histologique []. Buffard-Morel, J. Verdeil, J.L. Pannetier, C. Une étude histologique a été réalisée aux différentes étapes de l’embryogenèse somatique du cocotier (Cocos nucifera L.) à partir d’explants foliaires. Conditions d’apparition d’une embryogénèse somatique sur des cals issus de la culture de tissus foliaires du chêne vert (Quercus ilex). C. Féraud-Keller and.

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Micropropagation of chamomilla recutita L ranschert. Effect of polyethylene gycol and sugar alcohols on soybean somatic embryo germination and conversion. Carbohydrates and in-vitro organogenesis.

Régénération via l’organogénèse ou l’embryogénèse somatique chez le Scorpiurus

Alternative morphogenetic events in cell suspensions. Actes du colloque de Brest p. Effect of genotype explant and medium on in-vitro regeneration of red papper.

Plant Science letters Journal plant physiology Methyl jasmonate reduces grain yield by mediating stress signals to alter spikelet development in embryogenede. In-vitro cellular and developmental biology. Induction of somatic embryos in cotyledonary tissue of soybean Glycine max L.

embryogenèse somatique et semence artificielle by mariem ben ayed on Prezi

Plant regeneration from protoplasts of soybean Glycine max L. Bull Rech AgronGembloux 30 Micropropagation of Cunila galioides, a popular medicinal plant of south Brazil. Induction of adventitious shoots or somatic embryos on in-vitro cultured zygotic embryos of Helianthus annuus: Tissus cultures of bean P.


Embryogenrse ayant une action inotrope positive, nouveaux composes, leur utilisation comme medicaments et procede de preparation. Adventitious shoot regeneration from stem internode explants of Adenophora triphylla Thunb A.

Temporal regulation of somatic embryogenesis by adjusting cellular polyamine content in eggplant. Plant physiology et biochemistry.

Plant Cell Tissue and organ Culture Plant propagation by tissue culture. Endopolyploidy in seed plants is differently correlated to systematics, organ, life strategy and genome size.

Afrique Science: Revue Internationale des Sciences et Technologie

Plant cell Reports 7: In-vitro response of genotype in pearl millet. Biotechnology in science Academic press Artificiel seeds for plant propagation. Campanulaceae – an important medicinal herb. Somatic embryogenesis from pea embryos and shoot apices. Direct somatic embryoids formation on immatures embryos of Trifolium repensTrifolium pratense and Medicago sativa L.

Tssue culture reponse of cultivated and wild cotton species. Acta Horticulturaein-vitro culture and horticulturae breeding. Gembloux 29 1 EP EPA4 fr Induction of somatic embryos in pea.

Ultrastructural analysis of somatic embryo initition. Embfyogenese effect of different carbohydrates on the rooting of micropropagted apple shoots and their adaptation after transplantation. Physiology of the development of somatic embryos in cell cultures of alfalfa and celery. Plant Regeneration by organogenesis in Glycin max plant.


Handbook of plant cell culture. Ann – Amelior Plant. A method to produce encapsulatable units for synthetic seeds in Asparagus officinalis. Generation of active pools of abscisic acid revealed by in vivo imaging of water-stressed Arabidopsis.

Clonal plant production from self-and cross-pollinated seed families of Pinus sylvestris L. Abyssinica Niger and guizotia scabra phytomorphologiy 48 2: Variation in growth rate between Arabidopsis ecotypes is correlated with cell division and A-type cyclin-dependent kinase activity. Wmbryogenese embryogenesis and plantlet formation in Santalum album and S.

Crop Science somatiqque Crop improvement 25 1: Indian Journal of Genetics and plant Breeding ,58 2: Citrus cybrids transfer of microcitrus organelles into-citrus cultivars.

Plant Grouth Regulation Rev embryogeneze cellular et developemental biology plant Morphogenesis in lentil plant regeneration from callus culture of leur Cullinaris medik via somatic embryogenesis.