Surgical treatment of Hirschsprung’s disease at the National Children’s .. Enfermedad de Hirschprung. Fantobal-Rojas A. Constipación crónica en el niño. La enfermedad de Hirschsprung es un trastorno congénito infrecuente (afecta aproximadamente a 1 de cada recién nacidos en EE. UU.) que provoca. El estreñimiento se debe diferenciar de la enfermedad de Hirschsprung y de alteraciones anatómicas y metabólicas. La evaluación clínica incluye una historia.

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Enfermedad de Hirschsprung (para Padres)

Medicina de Caldas, vol. Long term outcome was assessed by the use of a simple questionnaire completed by the junior author MVV after personal or telephone contact with patients, their parents or enfermdad or the referring physician.

Services on Demand Article. The adults consult for a chronic constipation history, abdominal distension, use of laxatives and enemas since childhood. Check for hirscnsprung and try again. It affects cells both in the myenteric and submucosal plexuses 4. Contents by Year, Volume and Issue.

enffermedad Long-term follow-up in patients. It is thought to either occur from a failure of neuroblasts in neural crest cells to migrate into bowel segments or degeneration of already migrated neuroblasts. The recently acquired rectal suction biopsy at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital ought to help in early diagnosis, but also eliminates the need for an open rectal biopsy, which has to be performed under a general anaesthesia unlike a rectal suction biopsy which can be performed without general anaesthesia.

Long-term outcome after Hirschsprung’s disease: Laparoscopic-assisted approaches for the definitive surgery for Hirschsprung’s disease.

Thank you for updating your details. For this reason, the senior author SUJ prefers not to perform primary pull-through procedures.

West Indian Medical Journal – Hirschsprung’s disease in Barbados a year review

It is the most frequent cause of the lower neonatal hirschspurng obstruction. However you have to be at the expectation of the results when the patient defecates after the surgery, because it can present fecal incontinence or constipation.


Interestingly, it is almost never seen in premature infants. Case 5 Case 5.

Where this is successful, the prognosis is good. The mean age at presentation was 30 months ranging from day 1 of life to 24 years. The 11 children excluded from long-term follow-up included two with total colonic HD – enfermedaf of whom had definitive surgery elsewhere, three who were lost to follow-up, one child whose parents declined to take part in the study, one child awaiting definitive surgery, one child who had a stoma at the time of study and three who did not have a Martin’s modified Duhamel procedure as definitive surgery for HD.

Children who had definitive surgery for HD in Barbados using Martin’s modified Duhamelprocedure had an overall good long-term outcome comparable to international results. Organic constipalion in adults. Unable to process the form. Hirschsprung disease in the newborn. Hirschsprung disease and hypoganglionosis in adults: A new surgical approach to extensive aganglionosis.

Higschsprung from patients notes were collected to establish demographics, including age at referral and definitive surgery, gender, presenting symptoms, surgical intervention s and definitive procedure.

Edit article Share article View revision history. EnBretano, informa casos similares. The child requiring use of both laxatives and enemas was the only one in the series with regular periods of absenteeism from school.

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Endorectal pull-through without preliminary colostomy on neonates with Hirschsprung’s disease. The majority of children presented in hieschsprung neonatal period 10the rest being referred during infancy 7childhood 8 and adulthood 1.

The two children with Grade 1V continence were both developmentally delayed, one child having cerebral palsy with a perinatal history of maternal pregnancy-induced hypertension and fetal distress at birth and the other having congenital hydrocephalus. A comparison of the nervous control of ganglionic and aganglionic smoth muscIe in vitro.

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These include the limited number of paediatric surgical specialists and support staff and lack of facilities and equipment for the handling of frozen section specimens as well as paediatric pathologists trained to read and interpret frozen section specimens.

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[Hirschsprung’s disease: the immunohistochemistry as ancillary method for the diagnosis.]

Constipation is a common problem in children throughout the world, and the Caribbean is no exception. Over a year period, between July and June27 children were identified with Hirschsprung’s disease HDincluding twenty males and seven females – [male: The majority of patients with Hirschsprung’s disease HD have a satisfactory outcome after definitive surgery 3.

This hirwchsprung outlines the referral patterns to one hisrchsprung in the Caribbean The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados which offers patients definitive surgery for HD and reports on their long term outcome. All patients with Hirschsprung’s disease HD who had definitive surgery at the said institution over a year hirscheprung between July and June were identified from hospital records.

With respect to Somme’s 8 finding of using a rectal suction biopsy as a factor contributing to earlier diagnosis, we note the delay in diagnosis of some of the children who presented in the neonatal period Table 4. West Indian Med Enfdrmedad ; Changes in colorectal function in severe idiopathic chronic constipalion. Between July and June27 children were identified with HD. Classification, identification, and assessment of surgical treatment of anorectal anomalies.

These latter children had the following procedures: