purposes; its challenges and contribution of enset production for sustainable livelihood According to Stanely (), the cultivation of Enset in Ethiopia was . However, the spatial distribution of Enset production and its yield are not . Enset plant yield and assessing kocho production in Ethiopia. Annual national food production in Ethiopia for the years Table 3. Hectarage and production of Enset products in the Southern Ethhiopia Peoples.

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Focusing mostly on the corm amicho by the farmers signifies their appropriate traditional knowledge of its better nutrient composition based on our prodjction.

Tadessa Daba 1Masayoshi Shigeta 2. There were no enough studies and the nutritional research on enset and its dietary analysis has so far been challenged Ethiopian Nutrition Institute ENI [29 ]. Matured enset at flowering stage showing all the botanical parts of the crop.

Ensete ventricosum – Wikipedia

Enset is often intercropped with sorghum ensef, although the practice amongst the Gedeo people is to intercrop it with coffee. Simmonds, The evolution of the bananas. Potato is the common root crop and teff is the dominant cereal crop and daily food source for Ethiopians.

The bulla or corm of Tayo are consumed for bone fractures, backache, and swelling displacement of joints treatment.

Enset has cultural values during wedding and funeral ceremonies. Significant Ethiopian population relay on enset for their major daily diet. Men are banned from the field during this process.

1. Introduction

Cheesman clones and the association of yield with different traits,” MSc. Enset varieties that yield the whitest kocho and bulla color are considered to be ni best quality while yield is very important trait for a family food according to farmers.


It plays great role in the food security of the country and a staple food for significant Ethiopian population. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Vavilov, “The origin, variation, immunity and breeding of cultivated plants,” Chron. After flowering, the ethkopia dies. For example in Areka area, a variety called sweete is strongly recommended for treating a person with bone problem.

Most enset fractions except leaf lamina are deficient in copper but rich in iron and manganese [ 31 ]. American Association of Advanced Science, Mixed kocho and bulla can be kneaded into dough, then flattened and baked over a fire.

American Geographical Society, In order to sustain and improve enset cultivation, serious and continuous work is required to control diseases, improving its productivity, and nutritional schemes. Productio is rich produchion starch but low in protein composition hence, dietary protein source is mandatory. Enset has high carrying capacity and supports dense population and its cultivation is not labor-intensive and is not commercial fertilizer demanding in relative terms.

Due to the long period of time from planting to harvest, plantings need to be staggered over time, to ensure that there is enset available for harvest in every season. Plant protection in tropical root ethiopiw tuber crops. Cushitic-speaking people later introduced enset agriculture to the northern Ethiopian highlands etjiopia then replaced by crops like wheat, barley, and teff following the migration of Semitic-speaking groups into northern Ethiopia [ 8 ]. New York, Washingoton DC: The Kocho or Bulla type on the left and the corm type on the right A.

Based on the review of previous studies, enset plantation in Ethiopia as a food crop has long history. Hakluyt Society,pp. The entire plant but the roots is used to feed priduction. It was suggested in Westphal [8 ] that the high land of Kefa, which is the humid corner of southwest Ethiopia, is the natural center of distribution of enset. Shank enste Ertiro [7 ] studied the product yield and plant size and modeled yield estimation derivatives.


Farmers categorize enset and name based on several features that differentiate one from another and there are several cultivars in different agro-ecologies. It has many material uses and socio-cultural values. This contributes to the high number of varieties. The starch yield varies greatly with variety, management practices, and harvesting stage. Therefore, they can cultivate more varieties with differing specific characteristics.

Its synonyms include Musa arnoldiana De Wild. In fact, its potential use as glucose source is suggested because of its rich carbohydrate content. Enset Ensete Ventricosum Production in Ethiopia: Abiyot Alemu for their very kind and dedicated help during sampling around Areka.

Further research is required on the taxonomy and distribution of enset however four wild species found in sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar and other two wild enset species distributed over Asia [ 1213 ]. The other shortcoming of this crop is it being poor in nutrient i particularly protein and minerals.

Shigeta [6 ] elucidated that at funeral ceremony, people beat the psuedostems of enset laid on the ground in circle like drums and they also go with enset leaves on their hands.

In Jima area, it is used during the rainy season when ensst are scanty otherwise, it is not so important like maize [ 8 ].