Enslaved: Odyssey to the West concept art is digital, print, drawn, or model artwork created by the official artists for the developer(s) and publishers of the title. The Many Faces Of Trip And Other Enslaved: Journey To The West art of Enslaved and Heavenly Sword plus personal works in an art book. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Collector’s Edition (Xbox ): Collector’s Edition; Includes The Game, 48 Page Art Book and Original Soundtrack.

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A ways into Enslaved: Since placeholder animations did not cut it, Ninja Theory went all-out and did full animations keys, in-betweens, and all with low-res models. It was really hard. Three years later, we now have Heavenly Sword. The world itself is fantastical yet grounded with some logic. As an animation student back then, her approach to conveying game design ideas goes side-by-side with her animation work.

The road was rocky; half the time the entire development for the then-upcoming Xbox exclusive Kung Fu Chaos was done in a room as small as a cubicle while looking for investments to no avail. Tameem decided that Ninja Theory should make a game about this, except set in the future. I read the actual novel six or seven years ago.

What helped raise it above that stigma? He loves color; we all love color. Our creative director for the project, Tameem Antoniade, also loved the novel. Journey To The West came first. We always make games with color and beauty. The new demo of Enslaved we saw today at Gamescom threw yet a few more ingredients into that mix. The game will be released on 8th October. Looking back, were there any things you wished to change about the game at all? Judging from the look of things, Enslaved seems to be living up to the high standards Ninja Theory set for themselves.


The Many Faces Of Trip And Other Enslaved: Journey To The West Artwork

It is, by most any measure, a looker. Will there be a future for Heavenly Sword after your next project?

In our desire to form what we have, we manage to form great collaborations. Eager attendants from all walks of the game industry business students, developers, what have you listened to what knowledge and advice she has to share. Unfortunately inpublisher Argonaut got into a bit of atbook trouble; so much so that the developers had to reform under a new moniker after a management buy-out.

I think all of these collaborations helped raise the quality of our game, as well as bring them into our industry. Heavenly Sword did pretty well for itself. Shortly after that, Monkey makes his way to a boss battle alongside Trip and good old Pigsy. As an example, she showed off a very early video of Heavenly Sword where the person who would eventually become Nariko does some high-flying fantasy acrobatics and fighting. Not only were the bodies captured, the face and artvook of each scene were fully captured.

A lot of the success came from a deep passion from within Ninja Theory. She talked a bit about her history starting work in the game industry business in Millenium Interactive Ltd.

We showed it to a lot of publisher, but it was Sony who wounded up digging it. Can you give us a hint on what it is? Trip has her own set of skills.


How did Sony enter into the picture when it came to Heavenly Sword? At first, he was suppose to be this heavily-armored warrior, but as concepts pass and go, he was somehow stripped of that concept and was painted white at one point.

Monkey and Trip are interesting because each of them have their strengths and weaknesses. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Enslaved | HeavenlyNariko | Page 6

At one point, the mathematician had to make Andy Serkis recite a lot of nonsensical lines to get a huge amount of facial expressions for capturing. Well, every other company except Sony.

Comes with artbook and game soundtrack. Andy Serkis is certainly a huge example of that, and apart from directing the dramatic scenes, he also hooked us artbookk with people from Atbook Workshop and instrumental in casting.

And he cared deeply about the game; those collaborations raised the calibre of the game. Can I pick two laughs? On a final note, what do you wish to say to our readers and forumites about your upcoming game? The concept artists played around with the typical human bone structure so that they can make Monkey more like a person coming out of the wild.

After becoming an Art Manager for the Cambridge studio, she felt that she needed to branch out and form her own studio.