Enterprise Integration Patterns. Gregor Hohpe, Bobby Woolf. Computers & Internet. Enterprise Integration Patterns provides an invaluable catalog of. Enterprise Integration Patterns. Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions. by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf. While I was working on P of EAA, . Enterprise Integration Patterns has ratings and 40 reviews. Ash said: I started reading this Gregor Hohpe,. Bobby Woolf. · Rating details · 1,

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What is an architecture that enables separate applications to work together, but in a de-coupled fashion such that applications can be easily added or removed without affecting the others? This is a classic book on the ingegration.

There now follows a list of the Enterprise Integration Patterns from the book along with examples of the various patterns using Apache Camel. Being soft around their edges, patterns are not copy-and-paste code snippets.

Point to Point Channel.

Request Reply Integratkon an application sends a message, how can it get a response from the receiver? How can two applications connected by a message channel exchange a piece of information? Describing error-handling strategies requires a broader vocabulary that includes state, 10 which would have expanded the scope of the book significantly.

Disappointed somehow by the lack of patterns in relation to workflows and business logic when it comes to messaging. Capabilities Text to speech.

Our patterns document best practices, which products should implement and support. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Enterprise Integration Patterns: Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions

This book’s cover with its red column on the right mocked me from my bookshelf, reminding me that I have failed to “collect them all” because of this one book. How do you move data between domain objects and the messaging infrastructure while keeping the two independent of each other?


If nad couldn’t draw it, I certainly couldn’t! Knowing when to use what tool and why separates the true expert from the show-off. This book gathers various patterns used to integrate enterprise systems using messaging technology. grgeor

Enterprise Integration Patterns

Come to think of it, we wrote the book in a rather agile manner, with frequent releases where our customer integratio us feedback we incorporated into subsequent releases. Although it’s long, I found it to be easy to read and it’s a good reference book.

A lot of solutions for middleware projects. I’ve known about this book for almost yregor decade, and I regret not reading it sooner. Gregor maintains a site with a lot more information on enterprise integration with messaging.

The topics covered are good, but the book should really have been a third of the size. Return to Book Page. This is one reason our book includes many navigation aids: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Apache Camel: Book Enterprise Integration Patterns

Did you consider including messaging antipatterns? I was considering updating EIP with contemporary examples—those are the only parts of the book that aged. Enterprise Integration Patterns is a book by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf and describes 65 patterns for the use of enterprise application integration and message-oriented middleware in the form of a pattern language. The book is well-written and very thorough over pages of content enterprisw, but I do wish it had some more concrete examples with supporting code.


May 24, Maxim Dilovski rated it really liked it Shelves: You’ll want to inteegration messages, place them on a channel, route and transform them, and so on. Load Balancer How can I balance load across a number of endpoints? Additional terms Terms integratoin transaction. How can the sender broadcast an event to all interested receivers?

Enterprise Integration Patterns

With a rich pattern language, each reader may take a different path through the book to best address the particular situation he or she is trying to solve. Unexpectedly good reading but I found it only from the second try: Martin Fowler was the matchmaker. The examples bounce between Java and C but they should be readable by most developers.

Integrayion is important because applications cannot live isolated from each other. Nov 26, Anatoliy Kaverin rated it really liked it. I highly recommend this to anyone working on a system with more than one non-trivial component, ie anything more complex than a basic CRUD webapp.

I’ve worked on a few pattegns that used enterprise-level messaging and I thought I had a good ptaterns on the space but I picked up the book anyway just to deepen my knowledge.