Baixe grátis o arquivo fisiopatologia_ enviado por Gustavo na UESC. Sobre: enxaqueca. Veja grátis o arquivo fisiopatologia enxaqueca enviado para a disciplina de Urgência e Emergência Categoria: Outros – 4 – Descobertas em cefaleias primárias, como migrânea e cefaleia em salvas, são limitadas pela dificuldade dos métodos de imagem em avaliar a fisiopatologia do .

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The relation of daily stressors to somatic and emotional symptoms in children with and without recurrent abdominal pain. Mode of action of the anti- migraine drug sumatriptan.

Diagnostic criteria for migrainous vertigo. Increased familial risk and evi- dence of genetic factor in migraine. Services on Demand Journal.

fisiopatologia enxaqueca

Eur J Pharmacol Lactase deficiency among Malaysian children with recurrent abdominal pain. Migraine and concomitant symptoms among adult twin pairs.

Recurrent abdominal pain in school children: Argollo N, Lessa I. Brain pH in migraine: Neurotransmitters and the fifth cra- nial nerve: Mutual modification of vasoactivity by cal- citonin gene-related peptide and endothelin-1 in isolated por- cine ophthalmic artery.


Trends Pharmacol Sci Juvenile primary fibromyalgia syndrome. Cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy: Neurogenic versus vascular mechanisms of sumatriptan and ergot alkaloids in migraine.

Recurrent pain in children and adolescents

Ceranic B, Luxon L. Am J Otol ;18 3: Abnormal brain and muscle energy metabolism shown by 13P magnetic resonance spectroscopy in patients affected by migraine with aura.

Personality profiles and heart rate variability vagal tone in children with recurrent abdominal pain.

Cortical spreading depression recorded from the human brain using a multiparametric monitoring system. Evidence of trigeminovas- cular activation in man during acute cluster headache. Enviado por Paulo flag Denunciar. Vasodilation in porcine ophthalmic artery: Nitroglycerin-induced headache is not dependent on histamine release: Adult outcomes of pediatric recurrent abdominal pain: Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide as a neurotransmitter in the cerebral circulation.

fisiopatologia- enxaqueca

Biochemical investi- gations in headache: Kayan A, Hood JD. How to cite this article.

Migraine and benign positional vertigo. CP, sumatriptan, and dihydroergotamine block c-FOS expression within the rat trigeminal nucleus caudalis caused by chemical stimulation of the meninges. Neocortical spread- ing depression provokes the expression of c-fos protein-like immunoreactivity within trigeminal nucleus caudalis via trigem- inovascular mechanisms.

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Proc Natl Acad Sci Conformationally restricyed sumatriptan analogues, CP, e CP, exhibit enhanced potency against neurogenic inflammation in dura mater. Devem ser investigados sintomas que indiquem comprometimento do estado geral, como anorexia, perda de peso, fadiga, febre, sudorese noturna e outros.

Multicenter prospective evaluation of proposed pediatric migraine revisions to the ISH criteria. Eur J Neurol 3: