Commercial enzyme preparations, viz. Pectinex ultra Sp-L and Flaxzyme consisting predominantly of pectinolytic enzymes were found to ret green jute ribbons. Information is needed to optimize enzymatic-retting of flax (Linum usitatissimum L .) based on a pectinase-rich mixture and chelators. Seed flax straw from North. J Biotechnol. Aug 23;89() Enzyme-retting of flax and characterization of processed fibers. Akin DE(1), Foulk JA, Dodd RB, McAlister DD 3rd.

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The length of a single unit fibre increased with retting time up to 24 h, while the lumen width and fibre diameter increased up to 32 h. Four different sources of pectinase enzymes were used to compare the effectiveness of pectinase in kenaf retting. Enzyme retting via the pectinase PL-BRI is capable of producing consistent high-strength renewable fibers with variable fineness values for use in novel resins developed for natural fiber agricultural feedstock composites.

Eine neue Methode zur Gewinnung von Flachsfasern. The concentration of reducing sugar released was determined using galacturonic acid as a standard. Due to missing records of articles, the volume display may be incomplete, even though the whole journal is available at TIB. The bend causes the stress to manifest in shear along the interface. Enzyme retting can be a viable alternative to water retting, which is the currently utilised method for extracting fibres from kenaf.

Either dew or enzyme retting must be integrated with mechanical processing for composite feedstock.

Enzyme retting was found in Hu et al. In another embodiment of the invention the enzyme solution comprises a beta xylanase EC 3.

Variation in tensile strength might not be realized due to poor interfacial bonding and impact of fiber volume fraction which is difficult to control sample to sample using resin infusion methods. Enzyme-retting has been explored as an option that could be used in Canada and other parts of the world that would not only eliminate the reliance on favorable weather conditions, but also allow the industry to produce more consistent and high-quality fibers without the risks associated with uncontrolled natural retting.

Minor trends exist for specific tensile modulus and specific tensile strength with specific tensile values increasing with enzyme exposure. Refting degree of enzjmatic increased with incubation time.

Physical properties of the fibers were determined that could impact the composites load-bearing getting including fiber fineness, thickness, strength, and elongation. Kenaf bast was treated with suitably diluted pectinase enzyme Rteting.


Tensile testing was performed on a 5-specimen sample set using an Instron model load frame Norwood, Mass, USA [ 17 ]. Limit the search to the library catalogue.

The enzymatic retting is now preferred over the traditional methods resulting in formulation of several commercial enzyme preparations like Flaxzyme and Viscozyme. The region from to wavelengths indicates the O-H stretching vibration.

Samples of unretted stalks were processed by Biolin Research Inc. Four fiber specimens were created: GB Free format text: Volume 3Issue 2 The present invention aims to remedy this drawback rrtting proposing a method for retting bast fibers to easily control the action on natural fibers of different enzymes used in order to prevent attack of the latter, which would lead to its weakening.

Identification ensymatic Weave Patterns. Calcium and magnesium levels indicated a decreasing trend with increasing enzyme exposure.

Enzymatic retting of jute ribbons [1991]

The panels for impact testing were manufactured using a vacuum-assisted infusion process and an retitng upper and lower mould. Trends for fiber bundle pullout and ILSS interface tests do not demonstrate relationships between enzyme retting and interface strength.

Press and information Press releases Press Archives. The following will describe an enzymatic retting method according to the invention rettign to the treatment of flax, but the latter can therefore, of course, also be implemented with other bast fibers, without departing from the scope of the present invention. This configuration better approximated the type of impact the panel would likely receive in service.

Modifications Caused by Enzyme-Retting and Their Effect on Composite Performance

The advantages of enzyme retting are its greater environmental friendliness, shorter retting time, and more controllable fibre quality. After the sticks became colourless, they were washed with distilled enzymativ several times to remove chemicals.

Unretted straw was decorticated providing a coarse fiber bundle feedstock for enzyme treatments. The variability in types of natural rteting, different retting methods, intervention of microbial enzymes for retting of fibers, parameters for efficient retting aresome of the important highlights of this review.

A solution of 0. Two test methods were utilized to indirectly assess the interfacial properties: In another embodiment of the invention the enzymatic solution comprises an endo beta galactanase EC 3. The clear supernatant was used as crude enzyme throughout the study.

Easily available enzymes as natural retting agents.

In studies by Alcock and Boyko [ 18 ] and Evenson [ 19 ], the natural fiber panels performed poorly in impact as compared to traditional glass panels or marginally better than resin only panels. These fibers have been enzyme-retted without degrading the cellulose and reducing its strength.


The slenderness ratio increased refting retting time, and the highest was observed in kenaf retted for 24 h An improved retting method for flax stems using pectinase-rich mixtures is developed and evaluated on a variety of fiber and seed flax samples.

The iron levels demonstrated no trend between enzyme-retting treatments. Tensile strength was chosen to ebzymatic the reinforcing value of the fibers in a tensile load condition. Enzyme profiling of the commercial enzymes and culture filtrates rdtting in this study showed that the main components are pectin-degrading enzymes with some xylanase activity and a low concentration of cellulase Table 5.

The control, unretted fibers were subjected to the same rinsing, and water soak cycle rettinng ensure handling and removal of contaminants through washing remained consistent between the samples. The enzyme-treated fibers were produced using four L lab-scale reactors and subjected to treatment as indicated in Table 1 and Figure 1.

The present invention also relates to an enzyme solution for the biochemical retting bast fibers and particularly flax, characterized in that it comprises an endo polygalacturonase EC 3. The strength of the interface bond is not the only mechanism that will resist the shear, but regting exist between interface strength and interlaminar shear strength. Fiber reinforcement did improve the impact properties of the composite over the neat resin.

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Wax in the cuticle is detached via enzyme retting and decreases with enzyme exposure. The fiber dimension, mean diameter, is considered one of the contributing factors of fiber performance ensymatic a composite. Variation in composite performance might rettijg be realized due to poor interfacial bonding being of larger impact than the more subtle changes incurred by the enzyme treatment.

Naturally, the enzymatic treatment with each of these enzymes may also be performed independently of the processing of endo PG, namely before or after it.